Who doesn't fantasize about a big group of sweaty, beefy and hairy men fucking each other!? If one or two can’t satisfy your sex drive then how about 4 or more. 'cuz that what's Cluster Fucked delivers! Scene after scene of the very best in TitanMen orgy and group fucks hand-picked by Bruce Cam himself. Pound for pound one of the beefiest DVDs we've every released! Join TitanMen all-star exclusives Francois, Jessy Ares, Marco Wilson, Sagat, Dean Flynn, Diesel Washington, Lance Gear, Eduardo and more as they suck, rim and Cluster Fuck each other senseless. 6 scenes, over 30+ men, 40+ cumshots and almost 3 hours of sex!

Scenes from Cluster Fucked: TitanMen Orgies Vol. 1

Cluster Fucked: Eduardo, Jason Branch, Nick Cannon, Trenton Cameaux, Paul Dawson & Anthony Gallo.
Anthony Gallo, Eduardo, Joe Serrano, Josh Perez, Nick Cannon, Paul Dawson, Trenton Comeaux, York Powers
Released: May 01, 2015 | Length: 29:11
Cluster Fucked: Erik Campbell, Joey Russo, Nick Costes, Troy Banner & Tyler Boots
Erik Campbell, Joey Russo, Nick Costes, Troy Banner, Tyler Boots
Released: Apr 29, 2015 | Length: 32:44
Cluster Fucked: Rolio Vizarro, Eddie Moreno, Ross Tyler, Steve Carlisle, Mitch Ryder & Jack Simmons
Bruce Jennings, Eddie Moreno, Jack Simmons, Joe Hix, Mitch Ryder, Rolio Vizarro, Ross Taylor, Steve Carlisle
Released: Apr 27, 2015 | Length: 36:32
Cluster Fucked: Jason Branch, Jon Galt, Lance Gear & Nick Nicaste
Jon Galt, Lance Gear, Nick Nicaste
Released: Apr 24, 2015 | Length: 33:37
Cluster Fucked: Francois Sagat, Dean Flynn, Diesel Washington, Cj Madison & Brody Newport
Brody Newport, CJ Madison, Dean Flynn, Diesel Washington, Francois Sagat
Released: Apr 22, 2015 | Length: 25:27
Cluster Fucked: Preview
Anthony Gallo, Brody Newport, Bruce Jennings, CJ Madison, Dean Flynn, Diesel Washington, Eddie Moreno, Eduardo, Erik Campbell, Francois Sagat, Jack Simmons, Jessy Ares, Joe Hix, Joe Serrano, Joey Russo, Jon Galt, Josh Perez, Junior Stellano, Lance Gear, Marco Wilson, Mitch Ryder, Nick Cannon, Nick Costes, Nick Nicaste, Paul Dawson, Rolio Vizarro, Ross Taylor, Trenton Comeaux, Troy Banner, Tyler Boots, Wilfried Knight, York Powers
Released: Apr 20, 2015 | Length: 9:12
Cluster Fucked: Jessy Ares, Marco Wilson, Junior Stellano And Wilfried Knight
Jessy Ares, Junior Stellano, Marco Wilson, Wilfried Knight
Released: Apr 20, 2015 | Length: 30:3


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