12 Gage Of Xmas: "mens Room 3": Damien Crosse, Jesse Santana & Tyler Saint

Rating: 4.4 |

Featuring: Damien Crosse, Jesse Santana, Tyler Saint


Meanwhile, two suited parole officers (TitanMen exclusive Damien Crosse and Tyler Saint) are driving a troubled young man—Jesse Santana—to court when they have to pull off the freeway so the three of them can each take a piss. As Damien and Jesse stand beside each other, unleashing their hot streams into the trough, Tyler watches from behind, stoking his own thickening cock. Unable to resist the overwhelming temptation that presents itself, Damien samples Jesse’s quickly growing prick while Tyler stands over them; he unleashes a huge stream of piss on Damien’s face and Jesse’s cock, which is plunging in and out of Damien’s hungry mouth. The action heats up to red-hot as Damien takes turns deep-throating both Jesse and Tyler’s stiff cocks. The three take turns sucking each other’s rods, working themselves up into a frenzy until all three shoot thick loads of sperm all over each other.

Scenes from 12 Gage of XMAS

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12 Gage Of Xmas: "mens Room 3": Damien Crosse, Jesse Santana & Tyler Saint
Damien Crosse, Jesse Santana, Tyler Saint
Released: Dec 31, 2016 | Length: 35:
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12 Gage Of Xmas: "cop Shack On 101": Brett Mathews, Kyler Lachlan & Matt Majors
Brett Matthews, Kyler Lachlan, Matt Majors
Released: Dec 27, 2016 | Length: 47:37
12 Gage Of Xmas: "lifeguard": Cliff Rhodes & Colby Keller
Cliff Rhodes, Colby Keller
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12 Gage Of Xmas: "arcade On Route 9": Cam Kurtz & Josh West
Cam Kurtz, Josh West
Released: Dec 25, 2016 | Length: 23:56


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