12 Gage Of Xmas: "deep Water": Chuck Scott, Marc Sterling & Tony Bishop

Rating: 4.7 |

Featuring: Chuck Scott, Marc Sterling, Tony Bishop


Marc and Colby share downpours of warm gold rain in a mutual water sports spree. Marc especially likes those gargling mouthfuls. Eyeing beach crew guys Tony and Marc, computer tech Chuck wants to get more than one system up and running. Chuck’s a direct kind of guy. Hooking up to some on-line sex, he asks, “Do you guys suck cock?” Oh, yeah. Marc falls onto Chuck’s magnificent man-sized member, and Tony completes a suck-chain by swallowing Marc’s shiny spear. Chuck’s a sloppy sucker as he gets his taste of them, smearing spit and saliva across his face and their groins. Tony beats out a cum fountain that spurts a couple feet high, and Chuck growls like a crazed bear as he blows out a convulsive load that nearly sticks to the ceiling. Tony’s tongue hangs out when Chuck says, “I gotta piss,” and lets loose a squall of tasty liquid across the guys. They’re pissing on themselves, and spraying each other ‘til they’re soaked in suds. Insatiable stud Chuck isn’t finished. Laying Tony and Marc down side by side, Chuck’s got the pair eagerly giving up honey sweet assholes. He rims ‘em loose and sloppy, and then reams ‘em tough and nasty. The guy’s fuck crazy, a real bruiser, cramming sky high loads outta the young guys’ love guns before thundering his own last, agonized jizz load across the slick and sweaty fuck-bucket buddies.

Scene Details

Released: Dec 23, 2016

Movie Title: 12 Gage of XMAS

Director: Joe Gage

Starring: Chuck Scott, Marc Sterling, Tony Bishop

Categories: 3-Way/Spit Roasting, Anal Sex, HD-1080p, HD-720p, Interracial, Joe Gage, Men of Color, Older/Younger, Oral Sex, Pissing, Rimming, Scenes, TitanMen, Uncut Dicks

Length: 46:33

Scenes from 12 Gage of XMAS

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