Command Post: Victor Banda & Damien Crosse

Rating: 4.4 |

Featuring: Damien Crosse, Victor Banda


By a campfire, TitanMen exclusives Victor Banda and Damien Crosse are having an intimate moment: Damien confesses that Victor is like a brother to him. Victor reminds him that everyone thinks they are brothers (for good reason—these two muscular, Latin studs could almost pass as twins!) It’s another hot, humid night, and when Damien gets up to take a piss, he’s got a hard-on that’s jutting right out of the slit in his boxers. Despite the fact that he’s got a raging boner, he shoots a stream of hot liquid like ten feet away. Victor watches in amazement at the arch of steaming-hot piss whizzes past his face. When he’s done, Damien asks his buddy to touch his hard cock—after some coaxing, he begins to stroke it, pulling his ample foreskin back and forth over his fat head. Before long, both guys have stripped off their shorts and Damien is choking on Victor’s long, curved, uncut cock. After a long, hard face-fucking, Victor chows down on Damien’s equally long, uncut cock with aplomb, coaxing him to spew his man-juice all over Victor’s hairy chest. Victor shoots his own load soon after that.

Scene Details

Released: Aug 29, 2022

Movie Title: Command Post

Director: Brian Mills

Starring: Damien Crosse, Victor Banda

Categories: Anal Sex, Brian Mills, HD-1080p, HD-720p, Oral Sex, Rimming, Scenes, TitanMen, Uncut Dicks, Uniforms

Length: 25:42

Scenes from Command Post

Command Post: Behind The Scenes
Darius Falke, Dean Flynn, Dirk Jager, Steve Cruz
Released: Sep 12, 2022 | Length: 10:04
Command Post: Cumshots
Alexy Tyler, Damien Crosse, Darius Falke, Dean Flynn, Dirk Jager, Marko Hansom, Steve Cruz, Tober Brandt, Victor Banda
Released: Sep 05, 2022 | Length: 16:20
Command Post: Victor Banda & Damien Crosse
Damien Crosse, Victor Banda
Released: Aug 29, 2022 | Length: 25:42
Command Post: Darius Falke & Steve Cruz
Darius Falke, Steve Cruz
Released: Aug 22, 2022 | Length: 30:55
Command Post: Dean Flynn & Dirk Jager
Dean Flynn, Dirk Jager
Released: Aug 15, 2022 | Length: 27:32
Command Post: Tober Brandt, Marko Hansom & Alexy Tyler
Alexy Tyler, Marko Hansom, Tober Brandt
Released: Aug 08, 2022 | Length: 29:12
Command Post: Preview
Damien Crosse, Darius Falke, Dean Flynn, Dirk Jager, Marko Hansom, Steve Cruz, Tober Brandt, Victor Banda
Released: Aug 08, 2022 | Length: 02:25


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