Side Tracked: Carlos, Glenn Santaro & Petr Majer

Rating: 4.8 |

Featuring: Glenn Santoro, Petr Majer


Burly tank-topped Glenn Santoro’s got something that needs fixing – a car that inconveniently breaks down outside an abandoned factory. Blond and powerful Petr Majer strolls by, and that’s all the encouragement Glenn needs to follow. He’s about to make the absolute best out of a bad situation. Petr means business; he’s outraced Glenn into the factory, and quickly engages in a steamy encounter with super-hot dark-haired and muscular beauty Carlos. They furiously jack each other off, eyes and lips locked, with Petr diving in to chew on Carlos’s meaty pecs and pits. With his hand on the back of Carlos’s neck, Petr guides his dick deep into Carlos’s demanding throat. From every angle, Petr’s dick’s a beaut, and Carlos shows it the proper attention, sucking on it and licking his tight balls churning with anticipation. Glenn finally finds the face-fucking duo, and wastes no time in peeling down his jeans and plunging his throbbing cock down Carlos’s tight throat. Carlos alternates between increasingly heated Petr and Glenn, sucking on one as he strokes the other, going back and forth between the hard-muscled studs. It’s Petr’s turn to taste, and he quickly gets into position to suck down Carlos and Glenn. Glenn takes a turn, and tantalizingly swallows Carlos, grabbing his meat and licking and sucking the head before doing the same for Petr. He alternates between the bulging boners of both Carlos and Petr, slurping on them ‘til they can’t hold out any longer; soon, Carlos shoots a huge spray of jizz that coats his 6-pack abs and chest all the way up to his chin. Glenn strokes out a messy load of his own and Petr matches their efforts by sending a creamy splatter of cum coursing out of his throbbing shaft. But these three aren’t satisfied by any means. Carlos bends over to chow down on Petr’s cock, ass exposed as Glenn rolls a condom on and plunges into Carlos’s lightly-furred butt. Petr loves getting sucked by Carlos, but wants his ass even more; he swaps places with Glenn and bucks into Carlos’s freshly opened and inviting hole. Carlos then flips over onto his back and flings his legs open wide for Glenn. Petr splashes out his cum onto Carlos’s heaving chest, Carlos jacks out a spray that hits his own face and Glenn spurts out his out cream to add to the juicy mix.

Scene Details

Released: Jan 01, 2012

Movie Title: Side Tracked

Starring: Glenn Santoro, Petr Majer

Categories: 3-Way/Spit Roasting, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Richie Oldmann, Rimming, Scenes, TitanMen Fresh, Uncut Dicks

Length: 37:38

Scenes from Side Tracked

Side Tracked: Cum Shots
Adam Kubick, Drago Lembeck, Glenn Santoro, Igor Braun, Ladislav Boh, Marco Mark, Mark Federico, Otto Roberts, Petr Majer, Sergej Ural, Thomac Cruise
Released: Jan 01, 2012 | Length: 28:18
Side Tracked: Igor Braun, Sergej Ural & Thomac Cruise
Igor Braun, Sergej Ural, Thomac Cruise
Released: Jan 01, 2012 | Length: 23:08
Side Tracked: Marco Mark, Mark Federico & Otto Roberts
Marco Mark, Mark Federico, Otto Roberts
Released: Jan 01, 2012 | Length: 20:32
Side Tracked: Adam Kubick, Drago Lembeck & Ladislav Boh
Adam Kubick, Drago Lembeck, Ladislav Boh
Released: Jan 01, 2012 | Length: 25:58
Side Tracked: Carlos, Glenn Santaro & Petr Majer
Glenn Santoro, Petr Majer
Released: Jan 01, 2012 | Length: 37:38
Side Tracked: Preview
Adam Kubick, Drago Lembeck, Glenn Santoro, Igor Braun, Ladislav Boh, Marco Mark, Mark Federico, Otto Roberts, Petr Majer, Sergej Ural, Thomac Cruise
Released: Jan 01, 2012 | Length: 02:20


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