Holler: Billy Wild, Leo Tanner & Sam Ford

Rating: 4.9 |

Featuring: Billy Wild, Leo Tanner, Sam Ford


Down in the holler, a soft rain is keepin’ the menfolk cooped up. In their fake-wood-paneled trailer, stogie smoking Sam Ford and his beefy buddy Leo Tanner are lazin’ the day away watchin’ boxing on TV when strawberry blond Billy Wild brings them a six-pack of beer. Poppin’ a brew, the three unshaven, hairy chested and heavy hung men get down to a roughhousing round robin of slobberin’, face fuckin’ and hungry ass-eatin’. But Sam’s gotta take a leak, so he grabs an empty bottle and fills it until the foamy piss-head bubbles to the top. When Leo slams a finger up Sam’s tight butthole, Sam sprays a hot load of jizz across the men, who let loose with their own eruptions. The sweaty men collapse together, sharing swigs of beer. But is this the bottle Sam pissed in? Starting up a second round, Sam shoots a steamy stream of piss over Billy’s matted chest hair, while Leo’s got half his beer bottle up Billy’s rosy ass. Flip floppin’ around, they work their way into a slammin’ three-way fuck chain, and with a buttplug winkin’ outta Leo’s ass, they mercilessly beat their aching cocks to cum-drenching explosions. The day’s gettin’ off to a tolerable start, all right.

Scene Details

Released: 06/17/2018

Movie Title: Holler

Director: Brian Mills

Starring: Billy Wild, Leo Tanner, Sam Ford

Categories: 3-Way/Spit Roasting, Anal Sex, Big Dicks, Brian Mills, Hairy, HD-1080p, HD-720p, Older/Younger, Oral Sex, Pissing, Redheads, Rimming, Scenes, TitanMen, Toys, Uncut Dicks

Length: 41:31

Scenes from Holler

Holler: Behind The Scenes & Sextras
Dixon Parker, Drew Peters, Joey Dino, Leo Tanner, Marc West, Sam Ford, Sean Paris
Released: 07/22/2018 | Length: 49:29
Holler: Drew Peters & Leo Tanner
Drew Peters, Leo Tanner
Released: 07/15/2018 | Length: 42:58
Holler: Drew Peters, Marc West & Sean Paris
Drew Peters, Marc West, Sean Paris
Released: 07/08/2018 | Length: 30:40
Holler: Ben Foster & Dean Johnson
Ben Foster, Dean Johnson
Released: 07/01/2018 | Length: 33:49
Holler: Dixon Parker, Joey Dino & Slate Rassado
Dixon Parker, Joey Dino, Slate Rassado
Released: 06/24/2018 | Length: 18:17
Holler: Trailer
Ben Foster, Dean Johnson, Drew Peters, Joey Dino, Leo Tanner, Marc West, Sean Paris, Slate Rassado
Released: 06/17/2018 | Length: 25:54
Holler: Billy Wild, Leo Tanner & Sam Ford
Billy Wild, Leo Tanner, Sam Ford
Released: 06/17/2018 | Length: 41:31


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