Hitch: Damien Crosse & Jake Deckard (oral)

Rating: 4.3 |

Featuring: Damien Crosse, Jake Deckard


Cum Clean. Damien Crosse blows Jake Deckard. Jake’s a security officer in a small town in California. He sees a lotta men livin’ on the road. Some of these guys bring trouble to a town. So Jake checks ‘em out. Tells them to stay in line, and sometimes helps ‘em out with a meal. If the dude’s good looking, Jake steers him toward a shower. Damien’s a drifter who’s been around. He knows the call. So it’s no surprise when Jake steps into the shower, too, with a throbbing hard-on making clear what’s been on his mind all along. Jake’s got just about the most amazing cock in film, and Damien’s dark handsomeness and heavy hanging meat have it radiating heat. Damien presses his own hard rod up against Jake’s, and Jake takes what he wants. His lips wrap tight around Damien’s fat bone, and he sinks it deep down his gullet. Smears it ‘cross his face, and swallows it again, deep and whole. Damien kneels, worshipping the big guy’s holy hammer. There’s only so much a man can take, and from deep in Jake’s nuts a load churns up and suddenly spews across Damien’s body. Crouching, Jake licks up the lava.

Scene Details

Released: Jul 06, 2022

Movie Title: Hitch

Director: Brian Mills

Starring: Damien Crosse, Jake Deckard

Categories: Big Dicks, Brian Mills, Hairy, HD-1080p, HD-720p, Locker Room, Muscles, Oral Sex, Rimming, Scenes, TitanMen

Length: 13:30

Scenes from Hitch

Hitch: Behind The Scenes/making Of
Brett Matthews, Damien Crosse, Diesel Washington, Jake Deckard
Released: Aug 17, 2022 | Length: 04:02
Hitch: Cumshots & Sextras
Brett Matthews, Damien Crosse, Dean Tucker, Diesel Washington, Jake Deckard, Jessie Balboa, Nick Horn, Sergio Anthony, Tamas Eszterhazy
Released: Aug 10, 2022 | Length: 18:47
Hitch: Damien Crosse & Dean Tucker
Damien Crosse, Dean Tucker
Released: Aug 03, 2022 | Length: 24:49
Hitch: Brett Matthews & Jake Deckard
Brett Matthews, Jake Deckard
Released: Jul 27, 2022 | Length: 28:58
Hitch: Damien Crosse, Sergio Anthony & Tamas Eszterhazy
Damien Crosse, Sergio Anthony, Tamas Eszterhazy
Released: Jul 20, 2022 | Length: 33:19
Hitch: Diesel Washington, Jessie Balboa & Nick Horn
Diesel Washington, Jessie Balboa, Nick Horn
Released: Jul 13, 2022 | Length: 35:06
Hitch: Preview
Brett Matthews, Damien Crosse, Dean Tucker, Diesel Washington, Jake Deckard, Jessie Balboa, Nick Horn, Sergio Anthony, Tamas Eszterhazy
Released: Jul 06, 2022 | Length: 02:39
Hitch: Damien Crosse & Jake Deckard (oral)
Damien Crosse, Jake Deckard
Released: Jul 06, 2022 | Length: 13:30


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