Fist And Piss: Chris Yosef & Tony Buff

Rating: 5.0 |

Featuring: Tony Buff


With their cocks bursting out of their jockstraps, Tony Buff and Chris Yosef show off their boots and brawn in the opening shots. On his knees with his hands bound behind him, the goateed Yosef opens wide for a steady stream of piss from Buff, who also gets a taste of his own load. The tan top’s huge cock soaks his boy’s hairy chest before finding its way into Yosef’s eager mouth. With spit dripping from his chin, the grunting Yosef repeatedly deep-throats his master. Buff smiles and whips his cock on Yosef’s face, spitting down on him as he issues more orders. Buff then positions Yosef atop a leather block to feast on the bottom’s smooth hole, his own stiff slab throbbing by itself as he eats. After warming up Yosef’s ass with a deep fuck, Buff lubes up his hands as the bottom fingers himself. The two look into each other’s eyes as Buff starts to slide his hand inside, getting steadily deeper and faster. Buff sucks on Yosef while fisting him, then gets the bottom to pucker his rosebud for a stream of piss before fisting him some more. Buff then ties Yosef up with tight rope, creating a human sling that hangs from the ceiling. The suspension bondage sequence includes more fisting and fucking by Buff, who varies his rhythm from slow and steady to fast and furious. Yosef sways on and off Buff’s dick or hand (“Fucking punch that ass!”), grunting loader with each thrust as a great aerial shot captures the action. Once free, Yosef pees on Buff before the top takes control again, pulling on the bottom’s sac as he fucks him. Buff squirts on Yosef and licks his cum up before the bottom squirts—followed by an unforgettable finish with Buff literally drenching Yosef, a massive stream of piss surprising both men.

Scene Details

Released: Nov 01, 2014

Movie Title: Fist and Piss

Director: Tony Buff

Starring: Tony Buff

Categories: Anal Sex, Big Dicks, Bondage, Extreme, Fisting/Ass-Play, Muscles, Oral Sex, Paul Wilde, Pissing, Rimming, Rough, Scenes

Length: 52:41

Scenes from Fist and Piss

Fist And Piss: Chris Yosef & Tony Buff
Tony Buff
Released: Nov 01, 2014 | Length: 52:41
Fist And Piss: Preview
Colin Steele, Tony Buff
Released: Dec 01, 2011 | Length: 14:40
Fist And Piss: Chase Alters, Clay Donovan, Colin Steele, Peter Axel, Tony Buff
Colin Steele, Peter Axel, Tony Buff
Released: Dec 01, 2011 | Length: 48:26


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