Opportunity Knocks: Dirk Caber & Dolan Wolf

Rating: 4.5 |

Featuring: Dirk Caber, Dolan Wolf


In "Welcome Home", Dirk Caber gets reunited with high school coach Dolan Wolf—the two finding themselves in a heated verbal exchange in Dolan's garage. "You gonna take your dick out?" asks Dirk, as Dolan is reminded of their past locker room encounters when Dirk would “ask me if you were ever gonna get as big as me, ask if we could compare.” Dirk’s bulging boner is released from his tight jeans, the two stroking before Dirk gets on his knees. He stares at Dolan’s pulsing cock, caresses his sac and rubs his tight stomach before teasing the shaft and underside with his tongue. He engulfs and worships Dolan’s beauty, looking up at the stud: “Doin’ alright, coach?” Dolan sucks his former student back, Dirk’s cock bouncing up with force when released from his mouth. Dolan fucks Dirk, an aerial shot capturing both of their tight muscle bods as the top’s cock disappears. Dirk fucks him back doggie style, the two finally standing as they jack off side by side—Dirk’s load landing on the coach's cock.

Scene Details

Released: Mar 17, 2024

Movie Title: Opportunity Knocks

Director: Joe Gage

Starring: Dirk Caber, Dolan Wolf

Categories: Anal Sex, Hairy, HD-1080p, HD-720p, Joe Gage, Locker Room, Muscles, Oral Sex, Scenes, TitanMen, Uncut Dicks

Length: 40:11

Scenes from Opportunity Knocks

Opportunity Knocks: Cumshots
Colby White, Dirk Caber, Dolan Wolf, JD Phoenix, Layne Nixon, Nick Prescott
Released: Apr 07, 2024 | Length: 04:49
Opportunity Knocks: Nick Prescott With Layne Nixon
Layne Nixon, Nick Prescott
Released: Mar 31, 2024 | Length: 27:36
Opportunity Knocks: J.d. Phoenix & Colby White
Colby White, JD Phoenix
Released: Mar 24, 2024 | Length: 26:36
Opportunity Knocks: Dirk Caber & Dolan Wolf
Dirk Caber, Dolan Wolf
Released: Mar 17, 2024 | Length: 40:11
Opportunity Knocks: Preview
Colby White, Dirk Caber, Dolan Wolf, JD Phoenix, Layne Nixon, Nick Prescott
Released: Mar 17, 2024 | Length: 02:52


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