Francois Sagat: Titanmen Vol 1:damien Crosse

Rating: 5.0 |

Featuring: Damien Crosse, Francois Sagat


The first thing that comes into focus in Diesel’s viewfinder is TitanMen exclusive Damien Crosse sunbathing in the park. But he’s not the only one with eyes on Damien’s hot bod—TitanMen exclusive Francois Sagat is cruising him heavy from up the hill. As soon as they make eyes, Damien’s packing up his stuff and running after him. Once they find a secluded spot, the two peel their pants off to reveal their magnificent cocks which are rubbing up against each other as they grope and kiss each other. They trade blowjobs—Damien first swallows Francois’s hefty piece and then Francois happily returns the favor. Their blowjobs are punctuated with the two studs taking turns pissing into each other’s mouths, drenching each other with their urine until they’re both glistening and soaked. With his face buried deep into Francois’s muscular ass, Damien shoots a geyser of a load and Francois quickly follows suit. Damien’s just getting Francois’s ass warmed up. After flipping him over and rimming him some more, Damien slides his dick deep into Francois’s butt, starting out slow but building up speed as he fucks him harder and deeper. He pulls his dick out and rips off the condom, but instead of shooting a load all over Francois’ crack, he pisses on his ass and then goes back to fucking him once again. Damien throws Francois onto his back and pile-drives up his chute until they both cum again.

Scene Details

Released: Dec 11, 2014

Movie Title: Francois Sagat: TitanMen Volume 1

Director: Bruce Cam

Starring: Damien Crosse, Francois Sagat

Categories: Anal Sex, Big Dicks, Francois Sagat, Hairy, HD-720p, Muscles, Oral Sex, Outdoors, Rimming, Scenes, TitanMen, Uncut Dicks

Length: 30:05

Scenes from Francois Sagat: TitanMen Volume 1

Francois Sagat: Titanmen Vol 1: Braxton Bond
Braxton Bond, Francois Sagat
Released: Dec 14, 2014 | Length: 35:34
Francois Sagat: Titanmen Vol 1: Eduardo And Ethan Anders
Eduardo, Ethan Anders, Francois Sagat
Released: Dec 13, 2014 | Length: 36:12
Francois Sagat: Titanmen Vol 1: Viktor Jones
Francois Sagat, Viktor Jones
Released: Dec 12, 2014 | Length: 37:59
Francois Sagat: Titanmen Vol 1:damien Crosse
Damien Crosse, Francois Sagat
Released: Dec 11, 2014 | Length: 30:05
Francois Sagat: Titanmen Vol 1: Tyler Saint
Francois Sagat, Tyler Saint
Released: Dec 10, 2014 | Length: 31:12
Francois Sagat: Titanmen Vol 1: Julian Vincenzo And Ted Colunga
Francois Sagat, Julian Vincenzo, Ted Colunga
Released: Dec 09, 2014 | Length: 35:08
Francois Sagat: Titanmen Vol 1: Preview
Braxton Bond, Damien Crosse, Eduardo, Ethan Anders, Francois Sagat, Julian Vincenzo, Ted Colunga, Tyler Saint, Viktor Jones
Released: Dec 09, 2014 | Length: 14:20


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