Pure Leather: Dirk Jager, Frank Philipp, Titus, Tony Buff & Tyler Peter

Rating: 4.5 |

Featuring: Dirk Jager, Frank Philipp, Titus, Tony Buff, Tyler Peter


New members of the secret sex club must be approved by a unanimous vote, which happens after a pledge has been tested -- a process that few can handle. But toned, handsome Tyler Peter is up to the task. As this dark and beautiful scene starts, Tyler is surrounded by candles that are soon lifted above him as a chandelier, pulled up by Titus -- a tattooed hunk of beef watching from above. Down below, TitanMen exclusive stud Tony Buff -- almost bursting out of his tight leather pants -- ties up Tyler from behind, leaving his wrists and ankles useless in a tight maze of rope. Tony calmly whispers out his orders: "Step back... on your knees." That's when the massive, leather-vested Frank Philipp steps forward and the two dominators unleash their big cocks while Tyler watches. Frank drops to his knees to admire Tony's manhood, soon grabbing on to his balls and opening wide to engulf the massive cock. Spit drips down as Frank gasps for air, with Tony firing some wads into Frank's mouth from above. Frank strokes his own uncut boner, and soon the two start feeding Tyler. They are joined by another buff bod in handsome TitanMen exclusive Dirk Jager, who enters from behind and sheds his suit. The three take turns shoving their hard uncut rods down Tyler's mouth, grabbing on to his head as they fuck his face. Tyler works up a wet mess, spit dripping from his chin and dangling between his mouth and Dirk's dick. As Titus watches and strokes from above, his cock throbbing in excitement, the three then squeeze out their loads as Tyler's own big dick pulses with pleasure -- especially when Tony fires off a huge stream, providing one of the hottest loads you'll see all year that makes a hot sound as it hits the ground. Tony then orders Tyler to get up and lie on his back, and Dirk smiles sexily as he strokes off the submissive pledge. Tony and Frank then put on a show for their friends, taking turns spilling hot candle wax on each other. Their muscular chests get drenched in red and white streams, both moaning in pleasure as excited Tyler's big meat throbs by itself as he watches. Frank's dick seems to get harder with each drip as they both grunt away, and soon the alpha males then turn their attention below -- Frank holds their cocks together and Tony spills streams onto them, forming a huge mound of colorful wax. The men turn their attention back to Tyler, binding his wrists to his legs -- and setting him on his back in preparation for a gang bang. Frank is up first, licking the bottom's hole and sucking his balls before fucking him. Tony is next, writing "Fuck Me" on Tyler's cheeks before diving in. They later turn Tyler over and take turns pounding him doggiestyle in a ball-throbbing display, turning him over again to fuck some more. The action ends as they take turns squirting over Tyler -- with Tony letting out another huge stream, followed by Titus finally letting his load go from above. After coming, Tony, Dirk and Frank piss on Tyler to seal the initiation, with Tony letting out an impressive stream before rubbing it all into Tyler's chest.

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Pure Leather: Dirk Jager, Frank Philipp, Titus, Tony Buff & Tyler Peter
Dirk Jager, Frank Philipp, Titus, Tony Buff, Tyler Peter
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Alex Baresi, Brenden Davies, Diesel Washington, Dirk Jager, Frank Philipp, Joey Russo, Lee Heyford, Rick van Sant, Spencer Quest, Tober Brandt, Tony Buff, Tyler Peter, Tyler Saint, Will Parker
Released: Sep 26, 2013 | Length: 16:40


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