Pornstar: Jessy Ares & Ford Andrews

Rating: 4.6 |

Featuring: Ford Andrews, Jessy Ares


Bursting out of his tank top, supervisor Jessy Ares compliments the work of tall and dark contractor Ford Andrews. Jessy grinds against the stud's bod as their cocks and scruffy chins connect. Ford devours Jessy's thick pistol, hot side shots capturing the action as he opens wide and spit slides down the shaft. Jessy steals a kiss, then spits into Ford's mouth before sucking face again. Jessy bends Ford over the desk and buries his beard in the sub's hole: "Twitch your ass!" He slips his rod inside and fucks Ford as low shots capture the deep penetration, Jessy getting sweatier as the bottom's ass ripples. The two kiss before Ford gets on his back, taking it like a man as Jessy slides all the way in and out. Spit drips out of Jessy's hot mouth as he grunt fucks the bottom, who squirts a huge load onto his hairy bod before Jessy makes him wetter.

Scene Details

Released: Jul 30, 2013

Movie Title: Pornstar: The Best of Jessy Ares

Director: Brian Mills

Starring: Ford Andrews, Jessy Ares

Categories: Anal Sex, Areas, Brian Mills, Hairy, HD-720p, Muscles, Oral Sex, Rimming, Scenes, TitanMen

Length: 28:04

Scenes from Pornstar: The Best of Jessy Ares

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Pornstar: Jessy Ares & Ford Andrews
Ford Andrews, Jessy Ares
Released: Jul 30, 2013 | Length: 28:04
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Jay Roberts, Jessy Ares
Released: Jul 30, 2013 | Length: 42:48
Pornstar: Jessy Ares & Jr Matthews
Jessy Ares, JR Matthews
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Pornstar: Jessy Ares, Adam Killian & Shay Michaels
Adam Killian, Jessy Ares, Shay Michaels
Released: Jul 30, 2013 | Length: 39:32
Pornstar: Jessy Ares & Spencer Reed
Jessy Ares, Spencer Reed
Released: Jul 30, 2013 | Length: 34:38
Pornstar: Jessy Ares & Alessio Romero
Alessio Romero, Jessy Ares
Released: Jul 30, 2013 | Length: 47:56


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