Battle Creek Breakdown: Bryan Slater & Dean Flynn

Rating: 4.8 |

Featuring: Bryan Slater, Dean Flynn


While taking a break from the lodge's costume party, Zorro-clad Bryan Slater strikes up a conversation with superhero Dean Flynn--their playful banter piquing each other's curiosity. "You're a hard one, aren't you?" asks a confused Slater. "Sometimes," answers Flynn. "Wanna find out?" The two soon strip out of their costumes and relieve themselves over the porch's balcony. Their boners now at attention, they move in for a kiss. Slater succumbs to Super Dean's powers, dropping down to feast on the muscle hunk's cock. After stroking their dicks together, Flynn falls to his knees to feast--the camera capturing a low shot that shows off every detail of Slater's stunningly chiseled bod and huge cock, a truly unforgettable vision. Spit drips down during the slick suck--and Slater's rod bounces up in excitement then released from Flynn's mouth. The hero bends Slater over for a fuck, the bottom staying stiff as he gets rammed even faster. Slater then wants a crack at some ass, so Flynn sits down on his hung bud and starts to bounce. Slater then fucks Flynn from behind, another great shot showing off his remarkably defined build. The two squirt again, and Slater gets one final surprise to end the Super Fuck.

Scene Details

Released: Oct 07, 2023

Movie Title: Battle Creek Breakdown

Director: Joe Gage

Starring: Bryan Slater, Dean Flynn

Categories: 3-Way/Spit Roasting, Anal Sex, Brian Mills, HD-1080p, HD-720p, Muscles, Oral Sex, Rimming, Scenes, TitanMen

Length: 37:26

Scenes from Battle Creek Breakdown

Battle Creek Breakdown: Behind The Scenes
Bryan Slater, Christopher Saint, David Dakota, Dean Flynn, Gio Forte, JR Matthews, Tony Buff, Will Parker
Released: Oct 21, 2023 | Length: 14:18
Battle Creek Breakdown: Cum Shot Review
Bryan Slater, Christopher Saint, David Dakota, Dean Flynn, Gio Forte, JR Matthews, Tony Buff, Will Parker
Released: Oct 14, 2023 | Length: 14:27
Battle Creek Breakdown: Bryan Slater & Dean Flynn
Bryan Slater, Dean Flynn
Released: Oct 07, 2023 | Length: 37:26
Battle Creek Breakdown: David Dakota & Will Parker
David Dakota, Will Parker
Released: Sep 30, 2023 | Length: 32:57
Battle Creek Breakdown: Christopher Saint & Gio Forte
Christopher Saint, Gio Forte
Released: Sep 23, 2023 | Length: 35:13
Battle Creek Breakdown: Jr Matthews & Tony Buff
JR Matthews, Tony Buff
Released: Sep 16, 2023 | Length: 37:44
Battle Creek Breakdown: Preview
Bryan Slater, Christopher Saint, David Dakota, Dean Flynn, Gio Forte, JR Matthews, Patrick O'Connor, Tony Buff, Will Parker
Released: Sep 16, 2023 | Length: 02:45


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