Built: Francois Sagat & Tober Brandt

Rating: 4.9 |

Featuring: Francois Sagat, Tober Brandt


Thickly muscled, black-clad TitanMen stud Francois Sagat arrives at Tober's dungeon to deliver a stolen prize. Tober's pleased, and decides to reward his successful agent by offering the greatest prize of all – his giant cock; Francois drops to his knees and uses his teeth to undo Tober's leather pants, licking and drooling over the boss's leather codpiece. Francois sucks and slobbers on Tober's pierced dick, getting it slick with plenty of spit as Tober facefucks him, moaning and growling like a mad dog. Tober makes a meal out of Francois' thick, hairy pecs, furry pits and amazingly perfect six pack abs, ultimately peeling open Francois' trousers and swallowing the thick upturned cock. As Francois pumps away, Tober gags and lubes the thrusting fuck pole with his spit, swallowing Francois to the hilt while his own bone stands at attention. Francois jerks Tober’s cockpole until Tober busts his nut all over Francois’ chiseled, beefy pecs. François then kneels ass-out in a chair while Tober dives his face into his rockhard ass before mounting it, driving his condom-covered dick deep between the muscled globes. The two rock the chair back and forth as Francois rides Tober's stiff pole while his own hard dick bangs against Tober’s ripped abs. Sweat pouring off his tanned torso, Francois turns around and sits backward on Tober’s dickshaft and sends thick ropes of jizz flying everywhere. As Francois kneels and strokes his thick veiny pole, Tober hoses him down with an interminable cannon spray of piss that bathes Francois’s golden, ripped, muscular body.

Scene Details

Released: Dec 11, 2012

Movie Title: Built

Director: Brian Mills

Starring: Francois Sagat, Tober Brandt

Categories: Anal Sex, Big Dicks, Francois Sagat, Hairy, Muscles, Oral Sex, Pissing, Rimming, Scenes, TitanMen, Uncut Dicks

Length: 33:5

Scenes from Built

Built: Preview
Bo Knight, Francois Sagat, Joey Dino, Josh O'Hara, Logan Scott, Matthieu Costa, Patrick Knight, PJ Dixon, Rocky Torrez, Spencer Reed, Steve Cruz, Tober Brandt, Todd Maxwell
Released: Dec 11, 2012 | Length: 7:57
Built: Matthieu Costa, Pj Dixon & Todd Maxwell
Matthieu Costa, PJ Dixon, Todd Maxwell
Released: Dec 11, 2012 | Length: 34:49
Built: Francois Sagat, Rocky Torrez & Steve Cruz
Francois Sagat, Rocky Torrez, Steve Cruz
Released: Dec 11, 2012 | Length: 34:7
Built: Josh O'hara & Patrick Knight
Josh O'Hara, Patrick Knight
Released: Dec 11, 2012 | Length: 29:52
Built: Bo Knight & Joey Dino
Bo Knight, Joey Dino
Released: Dec 11, 2012 | Length: 36:52
Built: Francois Sagat & Tober Brandt
Francois Sagat, Tober Brandt
Released: Dec 11, 2012 | Length: 33:5
Built: Logan Scott & Spencer Reed
Logan Scott, Spencer Reed
Released: Dec 11, 2012 | Length: 28:57


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