Farm Hands: Thomas Lee, David Novak And Igor Martinek

Rating: 3.8 |

Featuring: David Novak, Igor Martinek, Thomas Lee


Handsome, clean cut Thomas Lee--with lube in hand--stumbles across a dilapidated farm house, pulls out his cock, lubes up and starts stroking away. He's soon discovered by sexy David Novak and big muscle man Igor Martinek who waste no time in horning in on the action. David sucks down Thomas, getting a hold of plenty of foreskin, while Igor massages Thomas' pecs, then David takes Igor's dick in hand and mouth while Thomas shoves his head down on Igor's dick. David swallows, licks and strokes both Thomas' and Igor's mighty cocks while Igor and Thomas suck face and massage each others pecs. Thomas bends over and swallows Igor's dick while David continues swallowing down Thomas' meaty shaft and licking his bulging balls. Igor gets behind Thomas and manhandles his pecs while David strokes and sucks them both. Finally, David leans back and offers up his hot body as a spooge sponge for his two buddies who both send a shower of hot jizz raining down on his sexy pecs and abs. The guys regroup for even more fun! Thomas and David pry Igor's meaty ass cheeks apart for each other as they take turns burying their faces in his crack and eating out his hole. David mounts eager Igor's ass from behind as Thomas feeds him dick from the other end. Then Thomas grabs Igor's bubble butt and bangs his brains loose, fucking him deep and slow while Igor gags on David's massive dick. Igor lies on an old table top, puts his muscular arms behind his head and David fucks him good and hard while horny Thomas strokes and watches. Thomas goes in for Igor's ass, holding one leg over his shoulder and rocking the table with his energetic thrusting while the cock-hungry Igor makes a meal of David's tasty cock. Moaning and groaning with lust and pleasure, Thomas dumps a load of jizz all over Igor's crotch as David, gasping and stroking his dick, explodes all over Igor's bulging chest.

Scene Details

Released: Sep 24, 2018

Movie Title: Farm Hands

Director: Brian Mills

Starring: David Novak, Igor Martinek, Thomas Lee

Categories: 3-Way/Spit Roasting, Anal Sex, Big Dicks, Brian Mills, HD-1080p, HD-720p, Muscles, Oral Sex, Outdoors, Rimming, Scenes, TitanMen Fresh

Length: 32:20

Scenes from Farm Hands

Farm Hands: Behind The Scenes/making Of
David Novak, Igor Martinek, Joe Donovan, Olle Usmev, Pavel Marek, Tadeusz Tesar, Thomas Lee
Released: Oct 08, 2018 | Length: 15:43
Farm Hands: Cumshot Review
David Novak, Igor Martinek, Joe Donovan, Olle Usmev, Pavel Marek, Tadeusz Tesar, Thomas Lee, Vilem Cage
Released: Oct 01, 2018 | Length: 13:16
Farm Hands: Thomas Lee, David Novak And Igor Martinek
David Novak, Igor Martinek, Thomas Lee
Released: Sep 24, 2018 | Length: 32:20
Farm Hands: Joe Donovan, Pavel Marek And Olle Usmev
Joe Donovan, Olle Usmev, Pavel Marek
Released: Sep 17, 2018 | Length: 30:44
Farm Hands: Pavek Neumann, Vilem Cage And Tadeusz Tesar
Pavek Neumann, Tadeusz Tesar, Vilem Cage
Released: Sep 10, 2018 | Length: 28:44
Farm Hands: Preview
Igor Martinek, Joe Donovan, Pavel Marek, Tadeusz Tesar, Thomas Lee, Vilem Cage
Released: Sep 10, 2018 | Length: 14:54


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