Punched And Pounded: Jessie Colter & Spencer Reed

Rating: 4.0 |

Featuring: Jessie Colter, Spencer Reed


Muscle men Spencer Reed and Jesse Colter wrestle in jockstraps till massive Spencer <br /> pins Jesse to the mat, then strings him up, arms tied overhead, like a punching bag.<br /> Jesse's cock hardens as Spencer ties up his legs and ankles, then pulls out a hose and <br /> funnel that he fills to the brim with his piss. He slides the tube into Jesse's tight, perfect <br /> ass, and pumps the entire funnel of piss into his captive, before slapping a plug into <br /> Jesse’s clenched hole. Spencer pulls on boxing gloves and works over Jesse's inked chest <br /> and abs with heavy upper cuts as Jesse struggles to keep Spencer’s piss up his ass. <br /> Spencer pulls out Jesse's plug and tastes his own piss as it comes streaming out of Jesse's <br /> muscular ass. Jesse drops to his knees and swallows his top's big cut meat and Spencer <br /> fucks his handsome face, relishing Jesse's warm mouth, before spinning him around and<br /> working his huge tool into Jesse’s piss-slick hole. Jesse grunts as Spencer slams his cock <br /> all the way in and out, before flipping Jesse over, legs high in the air. Spencer plows him <br /> deeply, till Jesse’s cock erupts, spraying wads of cum over his spit and piss-soaked chest, <br /> and the sight triggers Spencer's own explosion, blasting a huge load all over Jesse's neck and chest.

Scene Details

Released: Dec 01, 2011

Movie Title: Punched and Pounded

Starring: Jessie Colter, Spencer Reed

Categories: Anal Sex, Bondage, Extreme, Fisting/Ass-Play, Hairy, HD-720p, Locker Room, Muscles, Oral Sex, Paul Wilde, Pissing, Rimming, Rough, Rough Sex, Scenes, Toys

Length: 35:44

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Punched And Pounded: Jessie Colter & Spencer Reed
Jessie Colter, Spencer Reed
Released: Dec 01, 2011 | Length: 35:44
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