Top To Bottom: Francois Sagat & Matthew Rush (full Access)

Rating: 3.7 |

Featuring: Francois Sagat, Matthew Rush


While driving furniture to offload at their storage unit, muscle studs Francois Sagat and Matthew Rush run into a problem when their pickup breaks down on a dirt road. Matthew pops the hood to investigate, but Francois would rather relax. That draws Matthew’s ire, and he angrily wrestles Francois to the ground—where the stud finds a comfortable view in front of Matthew’s massive bulge. The giant beast is soon released, and Francois gets to work with a deep suck. “Is that what you fucking wanted?!” asks Matthew as spit wads form at the base of his shaft, sliding down his sac. Francois continues to follow verbal Matthew’s demands, licking his bud’s balls and repeatedly deep throating him. The sucker impressively plants his lips at the base of Matthew’s cock and stays there—then comes up for air with huge strands dangling from his mouth, his beard soaked in spit. Matthew gets on his knees to return the favor as Francois’s stunning body bathes in the sunlight. The two jack off their first loads, with Francois dumping a big wad on Matthew’s smooth, giant pecs. Now bending over the back of the pickup, Francois offers his muscled ass for a tongue bath. Matthew licks up his bud’s hole, spreading the cheeks with his strong hands; he then grinds his cock on Francois’ ass before sliding it inside. The bottom soon gets on his back as the two use their mattress on the ground. Amazing aerial shots capture Matthew’s huge dick diving deep inside Francois, who strokes his own big boner as he gets plowed. Matthew then gets on his back and rolls up his smooth hole for the taking, and after eating him, Francois returns the fuck as Matthew—his own dick still rock hard—moans even louder. The two fire off their second rounds, and a kiss ends this unforgettable pairing of gay porn titans.

Scene Details

Released: Jun 05, 2012

Movie Title: Top to Bottom

Director: Bruce Cam

Starring: Francois Sagat, Matthew Rush

Categories: Anal Sex, Muscles, Oral Sex, Outdoors, Rimming, Scenes, TitanMen, Uncut Dicks

Length: 36:34

Scenes from Top to Bottom

Top To Bottom: Francois Sagat & Matthew Rush (full Access)
Francois Sagat, Matthew Rush
Released: Jun 05, 2012 | Length: 36:34
Top To Bottom: Preview
Francois Sagat, Jason Hawke, Jet Adler, Jon Galt, Kent Larson, Marcos David, Matthew Rush, Matthieu Costa, Michael Brandon, Tober Brandt, Tyler Boots, Victor Rios
Released: Jun 03, 2012 | Length: 07:39
Top To Bottom: Jett Adler, Jon Galt & Michael Brandon (trespass)
Jet Adler, Jon Galt, Michael Brandon
Released: Mar 01, 2012 | Length: 29:41
Top To Bottom: Jake Deckard & Tober Brandt (side Effects)
Jake Deckard, Tober Brandt
Released: Mar 01, 2012 | Length: 44:51
Top To Bottom: Jason Hawk & Marcos David (rx)
Jason Hawke, Marcos David
Released: Mar 01, 2012 | Length: 32:29
Top To Bottom: Kent Larson & Mattieu Costa (riders)
Kent Larson, Matthieu Costa
Released: Mar 01, 2012 | Length: 28:10
Top To Bottom: Tyler Boots & Victor Rios (drill)
Tyler Boots, Victor Rios
Released: Mar 01, 2012 | Length: 33:10


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