Marco Blaze: Dirk Jager, Francois Sagat & Marco Blaze

Rating: 5.0 |

Featuring: Dirk Jager, Francois Sagat, Marco Blaze


Max drops off the car for a cleaning with muscle hunk Dirk Jager, who commands employee Marco Blaze to get to work -- but not before kissing the smooth, muscular hunk. The two 5 o'clock-shadowed studs stare into each other's eyes before masculine Dirk drops to his knees and is soon eye to eye with Marco's huge (and super thick) uncut cock. Dirk opens his mouth wide and gets to work on Marco's massive meat, frequently gagging as he goes deeper during the long suck session. Marco delivers a steady face fuck, getting the spit to drip out of Dirk's mouth. Marco wipes it off of Dirk's lips and rubs it on himself, then beats Dirk's face with his massive tool before grabbing on to Dirk's dark hair and diving in again, soon feeding Dirk his fingers. Dirk holds on to Marco's balls and licks them, and soon the two are spotted by hairy hunk Francois Sagat -- who strips down and joins the oral appetizer. The three take turns sucking each other, as Marco jacks off and whips his big cock around. The three cum on Marco, who is also soon drenched in Dirk's and Francois' piss. After Dirk leaves, Marco and Francois engage in some fun with a hose, soaking each other's muscular bodies and staring into each other's eyes before working their dicks up again. Marco begins by eating out Francois' hole, getting stiff as he tongues his bud. Marco then dives his dick inside, plowing Francois over the car's trunk with some thrusts that get the bottom's forehead vein bulging. The two have amazing chemistry, and Marco rubs and licks Francois' body as he fucks him. The two then head to the picnic table and swap, as Marco gets eaten and fucked in two positions by Francois' meaty, uncut slab. The top's balls bounce away, and Marco's cock is hard as hell as he gets plowed. The scene ends with an unforgettable squirt from Francois that drenches Marco (including two huge streams on his right thigh), who rubs the hot cream all over himself. One of the hottest scenes you'll see all year!

Scene Details

Released: Mar 01, 2012

Movie Title: Marco Blaze: Thick and Uncut

Director: Richie Oldmann

Starring: Dirk Jager, Francois Sagat, Marco Blaze

Categories: 3-Way/Spit Roasting, Anal Sex, Big Dicks, Brian Mills, HD-720p, Oral Sex, Outdoors, Rimming, Scenes, TitanMen, Uncut Dicks

Length: 37:16

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Marco Blaze: Dirk Jager, Francois Sagat & Marco Blaze
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Released: Mar 01, 2012 | Length: 37:16
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