Fallen Angel 1: Jim Buck, Kyle Brandon & Steve Cannon

Rating: 3.7 |

Featuring: Jim Buck, Kyle Brandon, Steve Cannon


In the video's final sequences, we watch as Fallen Angel Cannon's desires find fulfillment. Having pursued the dark, towering figure of KYLE BRANDON throughout the night, he finally meets his dream. As darkness turns to dawn, Brandon flogs the Angel. Breaking his wings, Brandon traps him on earth, a captive of desire. Now human, Cannon belongs to sadist Brandon, and the two, master and slave, begin their hunt for prey. Into their hands falls tough boy JIM BUCK. Cocky and over-confident, this tight-bodied sex pig is the perfect target for hard-core predators Brandon and Cannon. Forcibly dragged into the depths of Chicago's infamous Metropolitan Slave Dungeon, Buck is humiliated and forced to submit to the pair's abuse through the day and night. But power comes in many forms and the sight of Buck's enormous pierced dick soon seduces Cannon and Brandon into offering up their hungry manholes to him. Finally, secured to a Saint Andrew's cross, spent and neglected, Fallen Angel Cannon watches as his master, Brandon, encases Buck in a leather body bag and brings him to climax. The connection between Brandon and Buck is electric and the immobilized Cannon can only struggle against his bonds in frustration as his master takes pleasure in another man.

Scene Details

Released: Feb 15, 2023

Movie Title: Fallen Angel 1

Director: Bruce Cam

Starring: Jim Buck, Kyle Brandon, Steve Cannon

Categories: 3-Way/Spit Roasting, Anal Sex, Bondage, Bruce Cam, Extreme, Hairy, HD-1080p, HD-720p, Muscles, Oral Sex, Rimming, Rough Sex, Rubber/Latex, Scenes, TitanMen

Length: 41:05

Scenes from Fallen Angel 1

Fallen Angel 1: Jim Buck, Kyle Brandon & Steve Cannon
Jim Buck, Kyle Brandon, Steve Cannon
Released: Feb 15, 2023 | Length: 41:05
Fallen Angel 1: Cole Tucker, Tony Zerega, Taurus And More
Cole Tucker, Taurus, Tony Zerega
Released: Feb 08, 2023 | Length: 28:02
Fallen Angel 1: Dick Labete & Tex Matson
Dick Labete, Tex Matson
Released: Feb 01, 2023 | Length: 08:10
Fallen Angel 1: Dungeon Master & Frank Parker
Frank Parker
Released: Jan 25, 2023 | Length: 14:23
Fallen Angel 1: Movie Trailer
Cole Tucker, Dick Labete, Frank Parker, Jim Buck, Kyle Brandon, Steve Cannon, Taurus, Tex Matson, Tony Zerega
Released: Jan 18, 2023 | Length: 04:08
Fallen Angel 1: Cole Tucker, Marc Hamilton & Tony Zerega
Cole Tucker, Tony Zerega
Released: Jan 18, 2023 | Length: 28:50


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