Warehouse: Chad Manning & Eduardo

Rating: 4.6 |

Featuring: Chad Manning, Eduardo


The second scene pairs long-time TitanMen exclusive Eduardo with the newest TitanMen exclusive on the block, Chad Manning, in a scene that spotlights the two studs’ impressive sexual versatility. Chad goes to get a cold one from the fridge when he finds Eduardo in the shadows smoking a fat cigar. The intense sexual magnetism between the two draws them together immediately as they begin exploring their bodies and cocks with their mouths. As Chad drops to his knees before Eduardo, Eduardo’s uncut cock unleashes a stream of piss onto Chad, which he eagerly laps up as he sucks on Eduardo’s fat dick. Eduardo goes down on Chad’s long cock, and before long, the two studs have each blown a load onto each other’s hairy, well-muscled bodies. Then it’s more watersports, with Chad pissing on himself as Eduardo drenches him with his own golden stream. Eduardo then probes deep into Chad’s quivering asshole with his tongue and fingers before plunging his rock-hard cock ballsdeep into Chad’s ass. After fucking him for a good long time, Eduardo assumes the position and lets Chad ream him in return. Chad fucks the cum out of Eduardo before he pulls out and spews his own load of spunk all over Eduardo’s furry chest and stomach.

Scene Details

Released: Jan 18, 2024

Movie Title: Warehouse

Starring: Chad Manning, Eduardo

Categories: Anal Sex, Brian Mills, Daddies, Hairy, HD-1080p, HD-720p, Muscles, Oral Sex, Pissing, Rimming, Scenes, TitanMen

Length: 34:03

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