Code Yellow: Race Cooper & Drake Jaden

Rating: 5.0 |

Featuring: Drake Jaden, Race Cooper


Race Cooper heads to the john to relieve himself. He's met by piss bottom, bar back Drake Jaden on his knees in front of the toilet, ready to take his piss instead. Jaden drinks Cooper's urine then proceeds to suck on his thick black cock. Cooper lets out a big yellow stream of piss that covers Jaden freshly shaved head. Jaden takes the piss and cock in his mouth and spits it back all over Cooper when his mouth is full. They switch positions and this time Jaden pulls out his thick man hose and wets more than Cooper's appetite. Cooper sucks Jaden's thick and very hard cock ‘till gets nice and wet. They swap back and forth a few times until Jaden is ready to relieve himself again. Jaden covers Cooper beautiful chest and abs with his hot urine, Cooper lapping up what he can. Cooper then stands up and soaks Jaden down again, this time soaking Jaden's shirt. Piss pig Jaden can't get enough! He removes his piss soaked shirt and rings Cooper's piss from it into his mouth, then leans back to coat himself with his own piss from his cock. Cooper sucks him, rims him, then pisses on this ass before he stick his thick cock into Jaden as he leans holding onto the porcelain sink. He holds on as Cooper's cock pumps in and out of Jaden's soaked hole. He pulls out once again and pisses all over Jaden's sweaty back. He puts his cock back into the wet hole and rides him some more, then lifts him up, Jaden's back to his chest with his cock still inside. Jaden gently lifts his own cock up and lets another stream of piss fountain up his body as Cooper works Jaden's neck. Jaden then bends Cooper over the toilet and soaks Cooper hole then fucks him like a wild dog. Cooper's moans echo madly on the tiled bathroom walls. Cooper then sits Jaden on the porcelain thrown and once again pisses all over Jaden's body. Jaden, rock hard, strokes his cock until he cums all over his chest. Cooper joins in and coats Jaden with his thick load, leaving the bathroom smelling of piss and man sex.

Scene Details

Released: 12/29/2012

Movie Title: Code Yellow

Starring: Drake Jaden, Race Cooper

Categories: Anal Sex, Big Dicks, Muscles, Oral Sex, Pissing, Raging Stallion, Rimming, Scenes

Length: 33:48


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