Barnstorm: Allen Silver, Andrew Justice, Jesse Santana & Justin Riddick

Rating: 4.6 |

Featuring: Allen Silver, Andrew Justice, Dean Flynn, Jesse Santana, Justin Riddick


Coffeyville’s a small town in Kansas just above the Oklahoma state line. The last tornado there hit without warning and as soon as the weather cleared, the ruggedly handsome Allen Silver, making his TitanMen debut, drives back to see what's left of his barn. Documenting the damage with his camcorder, the silver-haired, bearded Allen heads into a barn. He sighs as he steps in to the eerily quiet structure, “Hell of a way to spend a Sunday afternoon”. He finds Jesse Santana splayed out on the floor, eyes closed (Is he sleeping? Could he be unconscious…or worse?). As he goes in for a closer look, he’s approached by Justin Riddick and Andrew Justice, the clean-up crew who are just as eager to find out what he's doing there. Jesse’s just sleeping after a long day of cleanup. With Allen's OK, the two sweaty workers can't wait to get themselves washed up. Andrew strips out of his work clothes for a bath and as soon as he drops his pants, all eyes in the barn are on his deliciously long cock, including Jesse, who wakes up at just the right time. A true exhibitionist, all the attention is making his dick get real hard real quick. A drop of precum gathers at the tip. He smiles coyly and asks Allen, "You wanna touch it?" He gladly obliges, which just makes Andrew's cock bounce to full attention. The four disrobe and begin stroking when TitanMen exclusive Dean Flynn enters the barn, drops his overalls and reveals his near-perfect body, bigger and more defined than it’s ever been. And so the action begins: Allen drops to his knees to service Andrew, and Dean follows suit with Justin. Andrew picks up Allen's video camera and records the action. Jesse straddles Dean's cock and begins the ride of his life. Dean pounds his ass to the hilt and with each thrust, Jesse's long, rock-hard cock bounces all over the place (until Allen grabs it and milks a thick load out of him). Behind Jesse's innocent boy-next-door eyes lies an intense sexual being wise beyond his years. In a blink of an eye, Jesse's got the camera: he's filming Justin, who's fucking Dean who is eagerly swallowing every last inch of Andrew’s extra-long cock. Dean slaps a rubber on it and goes from swallowing it with his mouth to swallowing it with his hungry, muscular ass. Allen, Jason and Jesse watch from the sidelines as Andrew pile-drives Dean’s ass and erupts in an explosive shower of jizz—a cumshot that needs to be seen to be believed. As a post-script to their sex, dirtyboy Dean finds himself lying on his back in a wheelbarrow as—one by one—Allen, Andrew and Jesse unleash a torrent of steaming hot piss onto his chiseled, hairy torso.


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