Chapters: Jacob Scott, Jeff Halsey, Ken Butler & Scott Malone

Rating: 4.2 |

Featuring: Jacob Scott, Jeff Halsey, Ken Butler, Scott Malone


Scott Malone, Jeff Halsey, and Jacob Scott are posing with cycles and skateboards. And<br /> what a sight they are – a sexy collection of muscles and tattoos and piercing gear. Before you<br /> know it, these three are out of their shorts and groping and kissing and sucking each other.<br /> Scott gets down on his knees, jacking his pierced cock and working over Halsey’s meaty dick.<br /> Meanwhile, Malone sticks his tongue down Halsey’s throat and grabs hold of his tits. These<br /> guys know how to make the most of a threesome! Scott gets his furry ass cleaned out by<br /> Malone’s hungry mouth while Halsey chews Scott’s tits, spreading his cheeks apart wider for his<br /> buddy’s rim-job (how does the camera get that close and manage to stay dry?). Malone and<br /> Scott are true team players – they’re down in Halsey’s crotch together, slurping on that beefy<br /> prong in tandem, working side by side, taking turns on sucking the length of it all the way their<br /> throats. Halsey rolls Malone over and warms up his ass, cleaning it out with his tongue, working<br /> in one finger, two fingers, in and out of what looks like a mighty tight hole. With Malone on his<br /> back, Halsey plants himself deep inside his butt while Scott leans over and fucks his face from<br /> the other end. Malone’s caught in the middle of a horny tangle of plowing and deep-throating<br /> and dick-stroking, and before you can say “3-In-1 Oil” the man has tossed a steaming wad of<br /> cum onto his belly. Scott unscrews his PA and tosses the ring onto Malone’s chest. Scott and<br /> Halsey beat their dicks fast and furious until they both cream loads of thick, ropy cum.

Scene Details

Released: 08/04/2018

Movie Title: Chapters

Director: Bruce Cam

Starring: Jacob Scott, Jeff Halsey, Ken Butler, Scott Malone

Categories: 3-Way/Spit Roasting, Anal Sex, Bruce Cam, Fisting/Ass-Play, Group Sex, HD-1080p, HD-720p, Oral Sex, Rimming, Scenes, TitanMen

Length: 21:32


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