Rating: 4.3

"ManPlay (MP 025): Man-Sized shoots it at ya straight up and hot. Its non-stop action is loaded with blazing spontaneity, as a bunch of rugged players get all worked up in their first film adventure when their rough-housing pals are a couple of the hottest stars around. And the Man-Sized length of the three scenes gives you the depth of action - from heavy-hanging stem to moist and quivering stern. The jockstraps are bulging in a pair of lockerroom showdowns. It’s a boning bonanza when surly star Vin Nolan and buddies David Locke and Logan Penn bore a new hole through heavy hung Felipe Carson. Rodney Steele’s a strikingly masculine man, with his furrowed cheeks and ripped, athlete’s body, and smooth newcomer Ryann Wood wastes no time straddling his steely cock and riding it to a double set of jizz-blasting explosions. But the best is yet to cum. With only a couple films to his name, Matt Cole’s become a sudden star. The handsome, muscular fucker’s gonna surprise you by playing rougher than ever when he joins Brett Anderson - a burly, furry-chested dad with man-sized meat you’re gonna love - in ripping apart Lee Bailey’s pristine pink asshole. You know how locker rooms are. Shorts come off, jock-covered crotches start to swell, and the groin-grabbing gets going. Felipe’s a tease in that taut little blue jock, and lanky Logan bones right up. Dark-haired David laps up Logan’s lung disturber, while Felipe crams his mouth full of Vin’s rigid rod. The cock-swapping buddy tasting brings the guys to a jacking circle that explodes in a four way bone blast off - a real locker room lathering.

Studio: MSR

Release Date: Jun 01, 2012

Director: Ray Dragon

Cast: Matt Cole, Brett Anderson, Vin Nolan, Rodney Steele, Ryann Wood, David Locke, Lee Bailey, Felipe Carson, Logan Penn

Scenes from Man-Sized

Mansized: Rodney Steele And Ryan Woods
Rodney Steele, Ryann Wood
Released: Oct 28, 2018 | Length: 30:02
Mansized: Matt Cole, Brett Anderson And Lee Bailey
Brett Anderson, Lee Bailey, Matt Cole
Released: Oct 21, 2018 | Length: 33:51
Mansized: Movie Trailer
Brett Anderson, David Locke, Felipe Carson, Lee Bailey, Logan Penn, Rodney Steele, Ryann Wood, Vin Nolan
Released: Oct 14, 2018 | Length: 15:06
Mansized: Vin Nolan, Felipe Carson, Logan Penn And David Locke
David Locke, Felipe Carson, Logan Penn, Vin Nolan
Released: Oct 14, 2018 | Length: 32:26
Man-sized: Rodney And Ryann
Rodney Steele, Ryann Wood
Released: Jul 26, 2012 | Length: 30:17
Man-sized: Matt, Brett & Lee
Brett Anderson, Lee Bailey, Matt Cole
Released: Jul 19, 2012 | Length: 33:51
Man-sized: Vin, Felipe, David & Logan
David Locke, Felipe Carson, Logan Penn, Vin Nolan
Released: Jul 12, 2012 | Length: 32:25
Man-sized: Cumshots
Brett Anderson, David Locke, Felipe Carson, Lee Bailey, Logan Penn, Matt Cole, Rodney Steele, Ryann Wood, Vin Nolan
Released: Jul 01, 2012 | Length: 10:05


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