Arcade on Route 9

Arcade on Route 9

Rating: 4.9

Dad makes sure Junior’s right in the thick of it, as guys sperm it every which way they can—there’s slobbering cocksucking, group JO, nasty glory hole action, and TitanMen-style hot and sweaty fucking—flip flops, side by side buddy fucks, and brutal three man chain fucks. In the extended Director’s Expanded Edit (available only from, six of the scenes find the guys hosing down their cum-covered buddies with piss play that’s body wash, facial scrub and deep-throated gulp. Gage works the intergenerational angle like you’ve never seen—there’re a couple dads jizzin’ it with their juniors. But likes also play with likes. A smooth young athlete trades fucks with a mega-hung college guy, while the bruiser trio of mechanic, doc, and coach ream each other out in the next booth. With ten scenes of non-stop sex filling three and a half incredible hours, Arcade on Route 9 is a movie that deserved a sensational cast. And that’s what it got. Mega-stars Matt Cole (Man-Sized: ManPlay 25) and Jake Deckard (Big Muscle; Side Effects; Spy Quest 2) bust the cream together in a pair of scenes. Furry daddy Ken Mack (Lifeguard! The Men of Deep Water Beach; Spy Quest 2) and recent virgin (and TitanMen exclusive) Cole Ryan (The Chest; Closed Set: Titan Stage One) are popular TitanMen favorites, joining recent TitanMen viewer faves Brett Anderson (Man-Sized: ManPlay 25), TitanMen exclusive Alex Brawley (ManPlay 22: HardWork), Josh West (Closed Set: Titan Stage One), Cam Kurtz (Lifeguard! The Men of Deep Water Beach), and Dominic Pacifico (Boot Camp: ManPlay 24). It’s hard to believe Arcade on Route 9 is the first movie for guys as ruggedly built and wildly nasty as its crewcut coach, Peter Axel, or punky as Jody Scott. Younger guys Adam Young and Josh Powell make their TitanMen debuts, along with the striking first TitanMen feature of the one who matters most—Matthew Matters, as Junior, the horny birthday boy himself.

Studio: TitanMen

Release Date: 07/21/2017

Director: Joe Gage

Cast: Josh West, Ken Mack, Alex Brawley, Cole Ryan, Jake Deckard, Matt Cole, Cam Kurtz, Adam Young, Peter Axel, Matthew Matters, Dominic Pacifico, Jody Scott, Josh Powell, Brett Anderson

Scenes from Arcade on Route 9

Arcade On Route 9: Interviews (bts)
Cole Ryan, Jake Deckard, Ken Mack, Matt Cole
Released: 10/01/2017 | Length: 10:13
Arcade On Route 9: Behind The Scenes
Adam Young, Alex Brawley, Cam Kurtz, Cole Ryan, Dominic Pacifico, Jake Deckard, Jody Scott, Josh West, Ken Mack, Matt Cole, Matthew Matters, Peter Axel
Released: 09/30/2017 | Length: 19:05
Arcade On Route 9: Cum Shots
Adam Young, Alex Brawley, Brett Anderson, Cam Kurtz, Cole Ryan, Dominic Pacifico, Jake Deckard, Jody Scott, Josh Powell, Josh West, Ken Mack, Matt Cole, Peter Axel
Released: 09/29/2017 | Length: 25:48
Arcade On Route 9: Jake Deckard & Matt Cole
Jake Deckard, Matt Cole
Released: 09/22/2017 | Length: 30:07
Arcade On Route 9: Cole Ryan & Ken Mack Watersports
Cole Ryan, Ken Mack
Released: 09/16/2017 | Length: 02:50
Arcade On Route 9: Cole Ryan & Ken Mack
Cole Ryan, Ken Mack
Released: 09/15/2017 | Length: 10:58
Arcade On Route 9: Brett Anderson, Dominic Pacifico, Jody Scott, Josh Powell & Matthew Matters
Brett Anderson, Dominic Pacifico, Jody Scott, Josh Powell, Matthew Matters
Released: 09/08/2017 | Length: 19:38
Arcade On Route 9: Alex Brawley, Josh West & Peter Axel (watersports)
Alex Brawley, Cam Kurtz, Josh West, Peter Axel
Released: 09/03/2017 | Length: 06:34


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