Laid Up

Laid Up

Rating: 4.0

The clinical atmosphere of the doctor's office is heated to white hot TitanMen temperature in this twisted office visit. With anoscopes, gloves and stirrups, Laid Up is a rough and kinky ride where all the stretching, probing tools of medicine become stealth sex toys. Ten super hung and horny guys fuck and suck their way through some of the wildest treatments that have never been taught in med school. From therapeutic scrotum yanking, to a ball busting discipline scene where an intern gets fucked in front of his boyfriend, to the Doc who gets really extreme demonstrating how to probe his own cock hole with a metal rod: "It feels like you're jerking off from the inside out"-- this is fetish at its hardcore best! The patients like it nasty, but when they rebel, they pull on the gloves to give the doctors some deep probing they won't be billing for. The therapy is rough, but the cure is cum drenched smiles all around. Laid Up is the doctor's appointment you've always dreamed of, but never, 'til now, had the pleasure-and pain-of experiencing.

Studio: TitanMen

Release Date: 10/01/2011

Cast: Michael Vincenzo, Matt Sizemore, Core Andrews, Rob Collins, Steve Parker, Mark Reed, Chris Michaels

Scenes from Laid Up

Laid Up: Preview
Chris Michaels, Core Andrews, Mark Reed, Matt Sizemore, Michael Vincenzo, Rob Collins, Steve Parker
Released: 10/01/2011 | Length: 15:30
Laid Up: Core Andrews & Matt Sizemore
Core Andrews, Matt Sizemore
Released: 10/01/2011 | Length: 20:26
Laid Up: Jim Turner & Rob Collins
Rob Collins
Released: 10/01/2011 | Length: 29:08
Laid Up: Mark Reed & Rob Collins
Mark Reed, Rob Collins
Released: 10/01/2011 | Length: 18:36
Laid Up: Billy Knight, Chris Michaels & Michael Vincenzo
Chris Michaels, Michael Vincenzo
Released: 10/01/2011 | Length: 47:21
Laid Up: Sounding With Billy Matthews & Steve Parker
Steve Parker
Released: 10/01/2011 | Length: 13:44
Laid Up: Mark & Rob (oral & Rimming Extra)
Mark Reed, Rob Collins
Released: 10/01/2011 | Length: 09:08
Laid Up: Core & Matt (anal Speculum Extra)
Core Andrews, Matt Sizemore
Released: 10/01/2011 | Length: 14:07


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