Slow Heat

Slow Heat

Rating: 4.8

What dirty secrets simmer beneath the surface of a small southern town? Find out with the steamy sexual buildup of Slow Heat in a Texas Town, the latest from legendary director Joe Gage. Amid the backdrop of a community college and its neighboring campgrounds, repressed desires and a combustible clash of cultures erupt in the dry days of early summer. Get hot and horny with nearly three hours of unforgettable action featuring 10 hung studs led by TitanMen exclusive Chad Manning. While making his rounds through the woods, deputy Del Cobb stumbles upon camper Colton Steele, whose throbbing cock and hairy hole quickly catch the cop's attention. Community college janitor Steve Carlisle uses his dirty mouth to get a rise out of shop teacher Steve O'Donnell, who administers an after-hours oral exam. Visiting hunters Chad Manning and Colton Steele are spied on by young local Cory Flint, who drops to his knees before ordering the surprised city boys to fuck -- then joins in for a memorable threeway. Student Zane Jacobs wants to make first string, so he strips down and bends over for some hard drills from football coach Nick Capra. In need of career counseling, Jackson Wild pays a visit to teacher Steve O'Donnell and officer Josh West, who stuff the eager student's holes with stiff advice. When the heat gets to buds Cory Flint and Zane Jacobs, the power of suggestion proves to be potent -- leading to some stroke-and-suck fun in the front of a pickup truck. In the final scene, Jackson Wild gets called back for more guidance, servicing his three superiors before bending over -- along with Steve Carlisle -- for some hard lessons from Josh West and Nick Capra.

Studio: TitanMen

Release Date: 03/20/2009

Director: Joe Gage

Cast: Steve Carlisle, Chad Manning, Jackson Wild, Josh West, Colton Steele, Steve O'Donnell, Cory Flint, Nick Capra, Del Cobb, Zane Jacobs

Scenes from Slow Heat

Slow Heat: Preview
Chad Manning, Colton Steele, Cory Flint, Del Cobb, Jackson Wild, Josh West, Nick Capra, Steve Carlisle, Steve O'Donnell, Zane Jacobs
Released: 11/07/2011 | Length: 21:35
Slow Heat: Colton Steele & Del Cobb
Colton Steele, Del Cobb
Released: 11/07/2011 | Length: 16:55
Slow Heat: Steve Carlisle & Steve O'donnell
Steve Carlisle, Steve O'Donnell
Released: 11/07/2011 | Length: 11:30
Slow Heat: Chad Manning, Colton Steele & Cory Flint
Chad Manning, Colton Steele, Cory Flint
Released: 11/07/2011 | Length: 25:05
Slow Heat: Nick Capra & Zane Jacobs
Nick Capra, Zane Jacobs
Released: 11/07/2011 | Length: 25:48
Slow Heat: Chad Manning & Del Cobb
Chad Manning, Del Cobb
Released: 11/07/2011 | Length: 16:34
Slow Heat: Jackson Wild, Josh West & Steve O'donnell
Jackson Wild, Josh West, Steve O'Donnell
Released: 11/07/2011 | Length: 21:06
Slow Heat: Cory Flint & Zane Jacobs
Cory Flint, Zane Jacobs
Released: 11/07/2011 | Length: 21:30


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