Eyes engage. Hearts pound. Bodies react. You can’t control it—it’s your natural Reflex. Led by the artistic touch of award-winning director Brian Mills, a group of studs—including Titan Men exclusives David Anthony, Dario Beck, Marco Blaze, Will Parker and Christopher Saint—pulse and twitch their way through a throbbing series of scenes. Surrender your mind, lose control and give in to your primal instinct. While lounging by the pool at night, a rock-hard Christopher Saint is soon seduced by tall, dark and handsome David Anthony—whose monster cock has a mind of its own. The muscular bods and big boners of showering buds Dario Beck and Dakota Rivers are too much for voyeur Will Parker to take—leading to enthusiastic slurping and an intense fuck chain. Two titanic cocks come together when Marco Blaze moves in on handyman Tyler Saint, their oral excitement followed by a passionate flip-fuck that leaves them breathless.


Reflex: Preview

Starring: Christopher Saint, Dario Beck, David Anthony, David Dakota, Marco Blaze, Will Parker
Categories: Behind the Scenes, HD-720p
Length: 09 min 10 sec
Preview trailer for the movie "Reflex".SCENE # 1

Reflex: Christopher Saint & David Anthony

Starring: Christopher Saint, David Anthony
Categories: Anal Sex, Big Dicks, Daddies, Hairy, HD-720p, Muscles, Oral Sex, Pissing, Rimming, Uncut Dicks
Length: 27 min 41 sec
Long known for his artistic set design and vision, director Brian Mills continues the trend in the opening scene. Bathed in shadows, light and color as the ripple effect of water adds to the soothing sexual ambience, Christopher Saint explores his hard muscular body as he sits by the pool on a dark night. Grazing his own hole and fingering his foreskin, he catches the attention of David Anthony—whose perfect body descends the stairs and approaches Christopher from behind, rubbing the seated hunk’s skin. After kissing, milking David’s pec and stroking, Christopher unbuttons his seducer’s jeans—unleashing a monster cock that has him smiling and opening wide. With their arms wrapped around each other, the two engage in a deep and slurpy face fuck. Christopher stands up to feed his uncut rod to David, who gets the shaft dripping wet before the two squirt out their loads. Now bent over the chair, Christopher gets his smooth hole eaten by David—who slides his condomed shaft inside for a steamy fuck that starts slow but gets increasingly faster, causing the  [read more]SCENE # 2

Reflex: Dakota Rivers, Dario Beck & Will Parker

Starring: Dakota Rivers, Dario Beck, Will Parker
Categories: 3-Way/Spit Roasting, Anal Sex, Big Dicks, Hairy, HD-720p, Muscles, Oral Sex, Outdoors, Pissing, Rimming, Uncut Dicks
Length: 39 min 11 sec
With his boner bouncing in the air, smooth and muscular Dakota Rivers leads tan, trim and hairy Dario Beck into the shower. The two rub against each other as water cascades down their toned bodies. Dario drops down to feast on his friend’s meat, caught in hot side shots that show off every inch of Dakota’s mouth-watering cock. The erotic display is spotted from outside the glass wall by smooth-chested
Will Parker, who strokes as he watches Dakota relieve himself. Will heads inside and falls to his knees, sucking the two cocks as wads of spit drip from his goatee and fall to the floor. His own thick meat bobs in excitement as he slurps, and soon Will’s muscled pecs are coated in cum. Now outside, Dario gets expert attention as Dakota eats him out and Will feasts on his uncut cock. Dakota fucks Dario from behind, the bottom’s ass hairs clinging to the top’s shaft. Dakota grabs on to
Dario’s waist as he speeds up the tempo, the bottom showing off his own boner as he gets plowed. Will then bends over for Dario as an unforgettable fuck chain  [read more]SCENE # 3

Reflex: Marco Blaze & Tyler Saint

Starring: Marco Blaze, Tyler Saint
Categories: Anal Sex, Big Dicks, Daddies, HD-720p, Muscles, Oral Sex, Rimming, Uncut Dicks
Length: 39 min 03 sec
On a ladder fixing a ceiling fan, Tyler Saint’s crotch is in prime position for Marco Blaze’s gaze. The admirer moves in for a closer look at the handyman, quickly groping the appreciative stud. Marco pulls off his towel to release the beast, a rewind-worthy reveal of his thick steel shaft—which sits atop a big sac bursting at its tight, smooth seams. Marco feasts on Tyler’s equally huge cock as his own meat throbs. He snaps his slab around and tugs his foreskin, which soon finds its
way into Tyler’s hungry mouth for an impressive deep suck. Tyler works the balls and foreskin, eliciting a sexy scowl of pleasure from Marco. Spit drips down the hung European’s shaft, which squirts onto Tyler’s chest. What follows inside is a flip-fuck for the ages. Tyler slurps up Marco’s smooth hole and strokes him from underneath before sliding his dick inside, grabbing hold of Marco’s shoulders as he pounds faster. The top wraps his muscle arms around Marco in a passionate embrace, the bottom turning around for a kiss. Marco then sits on Tyler, who grabs  [read more]SCENE # 4

Reflex: Behind the Scenes

Starring: Christopher Saint, Dakota Rivers, Dario Beck, David Anthony, Marco Blaze, Tyler Saint, Will Parker
Categories: Behind the Scenes, HD-720p
Length: 04 min 16 sec
Behind the scenes during the making of the film "Reflex".SCENE # 5

Reflex: Cum Shot Review

Starring: Christopher Saint, Dakota Rivers, Dario Beck, David Anthony, Marco Blaze, Tyler Saint, Will Parker
Categories: Behind the Scenes, HD-720p
Length: 09 min 28 sec
All the cum shots from the film "Reflex" in one video.SCENE # 6

Reflex: David Anthony Interview

Starring: David Anthony
Categories: Behind the Scenes, HD-720p
Length: 07 min 02 sec
Behind the scenes interview with David Anthony on the set of the movie "Reflex".SCENE # 7



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