Special Reserve

Pop it open, get close and savor the arousing aroma. Simply the best…that’s all that TitanMen exclusives David Anthony and Jessy Ares know how to give. Led by legendary director Joe Gage, the two lead a handful of hung studs in three timeless vignettes that will get hotter with age. Tense stud Jessie Coulter needs to loosen up, his body soon quivering in excitement from the “Full Service” offered by masseur Jessy Ares. “What’s Up, Coach?” asks eager jock Kyle Quinn, who soon finds himself stuffed at both ends by aggressive athletes David Anthony and Race Cooper. “The Interview” finds alpha businessman Jessy Ares taking advantage of late candidate Kyle Quinn, who will do anything to get the job.


Special Reserve: Trailer

Starring: David Anthony, Jessie Colter, Jessy Ares, Kyle Quinn, Race Cooper
Categories: 3-Way/Spit Roasting, Anal Sex, Big Dicks, Daddies, HD-720p, Interracial, Locker Room, Men of Color, Older/Younger, Oral Sex, Rimming, Suits
Length: 08 min 44 sec
Trailer for "Special Reserve"SCENE # 1

Special Reserve: Full Service

Starring: Jessie Colter, Jessy Ares
Categories: Anal Sex, HD-720p, Oral Sex, Rimming
Length: 33 min 52 sec
Arriving for his massage, tattooed Jessie Coulter needs to loosen up. With Jessie’s smooth and toned body lying before him, muscular Jessy Ares puts his hands to work, soon settling on his client’s cock. Jessie’s face gives off an expression of ecstasy, his entire body starting to move as he stares at Jessy—who then whips out his big boner. “Wrap your fingers around it, boy. Let’s get this party started,” says Jessy as they stroke each other. “You wanna suck it, don’t you?” Jessy feeds his client, pumping his thick dick in faster before sucking Jessie back. Jessy buries his bristly chin inside Jessie’s jock ass before sliding his cock in. The top fucks faster, Jessie’s ass rippling. The bottom sits down on Jessy, staying rock hard as he rides—his dick beautifully bouncing up and down like crazy, hitting his own stomach. On his back, Jessie begs for more as he gets it harder and faster: “Fuck the cum out of me!” The two squirt, leaving the bottom coated.SCENE # 2

Special Reserve: Whats Up Coach?

Starring: David Anthony, Kyle Quinn, Race Cooper
Categories: 3-Way/Spit Roasting, Anal Sex, Big Dicks, Daddies, HD-720p, Interracial, Locker Room, Men of Color, Muscles, Older/Younger, Oral Sex, Rimming
Length: 47 min 34 sec
Jock Kyle Quinn reports to the locker room after school, with coach Race Cooper ready to take measurements: “You’re gonna show me if you have what it takes to make it to the next level.” The sexual tension builds, the two soon staring at each other in their jockstraps. “Coach, are you getting…hard?” Nervous but ready to please, the toned cutie takes out his big meat and strokes. Fellow coach David Anthony rounds the corner, ordering Kyle to get Race’s cock out. The three get closer, stroking each other before David orders the athlete to “Get down.” An unforgettable suck session follows, the trio voraciously cock worshipping each other. David gets Kyle on the bench, feeding him as Race eats the stud’s ass, rolling it up for David to finger. Race fucks Kyle, now stuffed at both ends. The tops switch positions, a moaning Kyle staring at David: “Like that, coach?” Race fucks Kyle doggie style, David then getting behind the top for a hot fuck chain that has his balls banging away. The three stand to stroke, dumping their wads on a uniform.SCENE # 3

Special Reserve: The Interview

Starring: Jessy Ares, Kyle Quinn
Categories: Anal Sex, HD-720p, Oral Sex, Rimming, Suits
Length: 34 min 40 sec
Late for his interview, scruffy faced Kyle Quinn is eager to get on Jessy Ares’ good side. “Do I make you nervous?” asks the alpha interviewer, sensing an opportunity. “You want this job, don’t you?” Jessy takes out his cock, telling Kyle to do the same. The two stare and stroke, their boners bursting out of their dress pants. Jessy moves closer, their dicks touching. He slurps on Kyle’s thick meat before feeding the eager candidate. “Work that dick!” he yells, slapping it on the sucker’s face. “Good boy! You really want this job!” Jessy eats Kyle’s ass, his boner grazing Kyle’s foot. “Make it juicy and wet!” yells Kyle as a spit strand forms on Jessy’s mouth. Jessy fucks him, gyrating in before going deep and fast, his abs tight as he works. “Like fucking me?” asks Kyle, his big sac drooping down. He gets on his back as Jessy goes deep again, the top’s ass muscles clenching. The two come, Jessy hitting Kyle’s pec and coating his leg and groin.SCENE # 4

Special Reserve: Cumshots

Starring: David Anthony, Jessie Colter, Jessy Ares, Kyle Quinn, Race Cooper
Length: 06 min 34 sec
Cumshots from "Special Reserve"SCENE # 5



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