Hot Lunch

Dick—it’s what’s for lunch! In Hot Lunch, the new TitanMen Fresh release, lots of big, uncut dick is served up hot in this trio of three ways where nine horny young chefs feast on each other’s thick cocks, fuck some seriously juicy butt and discover that giant cucumbers are good for a lot more than just tossing into salad. Big, beefy Lenny Ball and tall, handsome Gerry Owan stop by the cafeteria for a bite to eat but end up feeding the guy behind the counter—handsome Gaige Brody—two thick helpings of meat. After they splatter him with jizz, Lenny helps himself to seconds and stuffs both their butts with his thick cock. Back in the kitchen, sexy, hard-bodied Felix Slovacek and ripped Richie Rich get naked and snack on Georgio Black’s fat dick until he sprays the two of them with gobs of spunk. Felix and Richie spit-roast Georgio, with Felix feeding him his hard cock while Richie pounds his luscious bubble butt. The two guys switch and have another go at Georgio until everybody gets hosed with creamy cum. Cute, dark-haired Martin Hod makes his daily delivery of fresh vegetables to tall sexy Otto Roberts, and Martin’s soon choking on Otto’s sausage and Otto’s savoring Martin’s tasty ass. Cute Alex Manchini decides to join the steamy fun and the three hot cooks have a sweaty fuckfest on top of the kitchen counter. Bon Appetit, everybody. And remember, don’t talk with your mouth full!


Hot Lunch: Preview

Starring: Alex Manchini, Felix Slovacek, Gaige Brody, Georgio Black, Gerry Owan, Lenny Ball, Martin Hod, Otto Roberts, Richie Rich
Categories: Behind the Scenes
Length: 06 min 48 sec
Trailer for "Hot Lunch."SCENE # 1

Hot Lunch: Gaige Brody, Gerry Owan & Lenny Ball

Starring: Gaige Brody, Gerry Owan, Lenny Ball
Categories: 3-Way/Spit Roasting, Anal Sex, Big Dicks, Oral Sex, Rimming, Toys
Length: 47 min 17 sec
Hot and muscular Lenny Ball and hard-bodied Gerry Owan show up at the cafeteria to
grab some lunch. They find sexy Gaige Brody working behind the counter, looking
irresistibly tasty in his cute chef’s uniform. Lenny goes behind the counter and the two
guys soon lock lips in a passionate kiss. Gerry gets horny and joins in, and the three
guys pull off each other’s shirts to reveal their incredibly hot, smooth bodies. As things
heat up, they undo their flies and pop out their hard, uncut dicks. Gaige pulls on
Gerry’s dick and licks his pits clean, then gets down on his knees so Gerry and Lenny
can stuff his face full of their big uncut cocks. Lenny drops to the floor and takes a turn
sucking and jerking on Gaige’s and Gerry’s meat, hocking plenty of spit onto their hard
boners and sucking them furiously while Gerry and Gaige make out. Finally, Gerry
takes a turn servicing his pals, grabbing Gaige’s cock in one hand and jerking away
while he deep throats Lenny, who grabs the back  [read more]SCENE # 2

Hot Lunch: Felix Slovacek, Georgio Black & Richie Rich

Starring: Felix Slovacek, Georgio Black, Richie Rich
Categories: 3-Way/Spit Roasting, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Rimming
Length: 32 min 56 sec
Felix Slovacek, Richie Rich and Georgio Black are busy cooking up a delicious lunch in
the cafeteria kitchen. Soon enough, the heats get to them, and the horny chefs strip
each other out of their uniforms, showing off their ripped, young bodies. Felix and
Richie take turns swallowing Georgio’s huge, thick dick, with Felix sucking and licking
his balls while Richie hungrily deep throats the meaty shaft. Felix and Richie slide their
tongues together up and down Georgio’s stiff rod, teasingly pulling his foreskin back
and forth over his sensitive cockhead. Georgio sits on top of the counter and Felix and
Richie take turns deepthroating his engorged cock and massaging his tight, muscled
body. Georgio soon shoots his load, dumping a heaping helping of jizz all over Felix’s
and Richie’s hard pecs.
Georgio bends over the counter and throws a leg up so Richie can drive his tongue
deep into his tasty ass while Georgio sucks Felix’s thick cock. Richie slides on a rubber
and shoves  [read more]SCENE # 3

Hot Lunch: Alex Manchini, Martin Hod & Otto Roberts

Starring: Alex Manchini, Martin Hod, Otto Roberts
Categories: 3-Way/Spit Roasting, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Rimming
Length: 40 min 37 sec
Cute, dark-haired Martin Hod delivers a bushel of fresh vegetables to tall and sexy Otto
Roberts, and in no time the hot and horny guys have stripped each other naked,
making out and sucking on and licking each other’s tits. Once Martin’s got Otto out of
his chef’s uniform, he hungrily swallows his cock, burying his face in Otto’s pubes and
gagging on his dick. Cute Alex Manchini’s been watching the guys go at it, and gets so
horned up he decides to quit cooking and join in the fun. There’s always room for three
on the menu, so Martin simultaneously swallows both Alex’s and Otto’s dicks while
Alex and Otto kiss. Alex returns the favor and gobbles down Martin and Otto’s cocks,
spit-lubing their dicks with his tight mouth. Alex and Otto ultimately send their wads of
cum shooting all over Martin’s smooth chest.
Alex and Otto bend Martin in half over the kitchen counter, and Martin sucks Alex’s
cock while Otto tongues and fingers Martin’s juicy ass, hocking plenty of  [read more]SCENE # 4

Hot Lunch: Behind the Scenes

Starring: Alex Manchini, Felix Slovacek, Gaige Brody, Georgio Black, Gerry Owan, Lenny Ball, Martin Hod, Otto Roberts, Richie Rich
Categories: Behind the Scenes
Length: 02 min 22 sec
Behind the scenes of "Hot Lunch."SCENE # 5

Hot Lunch: Cum Shots

Starring: Alex Manchini, Felix Slovacek, Gaige Brody, Georgio Black, Gerry Owan, Lenny Ball, Martin Hod, Otto Roberts, Richie Rich
Categories: Behind the Scenes
Length: 10 min 05 sec
Cum shots from "Hot Lunch."SCENE # 6


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