A mysterious, sensual dream. A fantasy waiting to be fulfilled. A burning desire that plays out on camera. What's your Fixation? Let it come to life as TitanMen exclusive Hunter Marx leads the charge in a quest to bring one man to the brink of stardom. What surprises wait inside? By the time it's over, more than just your cock will be blown. Waking from an intense dream, Troy Daniels turns to boyfriend Jayden Grey for comfort -- and a deep fuck that cures his ache. Troy watches a military-themed scene film as Hunter Marx (with three loads ready to burst) takes turns plowing ripped Casey Daniels and Archer Quan after an enthusiastic oral opening. Turned on by the shoot, Troy Daniels returns home on a mission: to trade sucks with Jayden Grey, who happily obliges as the spit starts to drip. For his first time in front of the camera, Troy Daniels gets paired with handsome Adrian Long -- who takes a frantic face fuck before returning the favor up Troy's ass.


Fixation: Preview

Starring: Adrian Long, Archer Quan, Christopher Daniels, Hunter Marx, Jayden Grey, Troy Daniels
Categories: Behind the Scenes, HD-720p
Length: 03 min 22 sec
Preview of "Fixation."

Fixation: Jayden Grey & Troy Daniels (Part 1)

Starring: Jayden Grey, Troy Daniels
Categories: Anal Sex, Fisting/Ass-Play, HD-720p, Locker Room, Oral Sex, Rimming, Uncut Dicks
Length: 20 min 35 sec
Troy Daniels awakens from a sexually charged dream and turns to boyfriend Jayden Grey -- whose giant boner waits under the sheets. The tattooed Troy offers up his hairy hole as Jayden dives in with his talented tongue. Troy shows off his boner as he gets eaten, begging his BF to fuck him. Tan and toned Jayden slides his sizeable shaft inside, making it disappear as he
spreads Troy's legs. The muscles on the top's body clench, his shoulders and abs tightening as he fucks. A low shot captures the top's smooth sac and big meat, which goes all the way in and out. Troy unleashes a load as he's fucked, while Jayden shoots a hot wad on his own chest.SCENE # 2

Fixation: Archer Quan, Casey Daniels, Hunter Marx & Troy Daniels

Starring: Archer Quan, Christopher Daniels, Hunter Marx
Categories: 3-Way/Spit Roasting, Anal Sex, Hairy, HD-720p, Interracial, Men of Color, Muscles, Oral Sex, Rimming, Uniforms
Length: 39 min 56 sec
After interviewing to be a model, Troy gets to watch a shoot. Donned in military gear, hairy stud Hunter Marx is flanked by smooth Archer Quan and blond bombshell Casey Daniels, who is soon on his knees as his expert lips and tongue get to work. Hunter orders Casey to stand up, taking out his cock to repay the favor. Casey takes off his shirt, revealing his smooth, super-ripped body. The three keep sucking and spit into each other's mouths before Hunter eats Archer, who soon has two loads on his chest. Casey and Archer then take turns riding Hunter's incredible cock, the sound of clanging dog tags filling the studio. Hunter then fucks them on their backs, a low shot capturing his huge cock sliding in and out. The trio then squirts -- including two more wet wads from a super-excited Hunter, who coats his own hairy quad muscle with an impressive third load.SCENE # 3

Fixation: Jayden Grey & Troy Daniels (Part 2)

Starring: Jayden Grey, Troy Daniels
Categories: HD-720p, Oral Sex, Uncut Dicks
Length: 16 min 34 sec
A horny Troy is excited by the oral work he just witnessed. "Show me," says Jayden, who stands up and offers his bulging boner. Troy sucks his verbal boyfriend, rubbing his toned body and tonguing his balls. Jayden returns the favor, sucking Troy's uncut cock and teasing the foreskin.
Jayden gets Troy on the couch, pinning his lover's head to the cushion as he fucks his gagging face before the two cum.SCENE # 4

Fixation: Adrian Long & Troy Daniels

Starring: Adrian Long, Troy Daniels
Categories: Anal Sex, HD-720p, Oral Sex, Rimming, Uncut Dicks
Length: 30 min 08 sec
New model Troy gets paired with Adrian Long, whose big pecs and lush hair bask in the breeze outside. Troy sucks the stud's cock before Adrian drops to his knees for a face fuck, spit dripping to the ground as the veins on his neck burst. Troy grabs Adrian's hair and plows his mouth, the sucker's excited dick bobbing frantically below. Troy sucks him back before the two shoot, including a big wad from the new star. Troy bends over, getting his hole licked before Adrian pops his on-camera cherry. Troy sits down on the top, riding Adrian as his own boner bounces. On his back, an excited Troy takes it some more as Adrian's balls bang the bottom's butt. The two squirt, Adrian's cum dropping on the bottom's shaft and pubes.SCENE # 5

Fixation: Behind the Scenes

Starring: Adrian Long, Archer Quan, Christopher Daniels, Hunter Marx, Jayden Grey, Troy Daniels
Categories: Behind the Scenes, HD-720p
Length: 07 min 47 sec
Behind the scenes on the set of "Fixation."SCENE # 6

Fixation: Cum Shot Review

Starring: Adrian Long, Archer Quan, Christopher Daniels, Hunter Marx, Jayden Grey, Troy Daniels
Categories: Behind the Scenes, HD-720p
Length: 11 min 06 sec
All the cum shots from "Fixation" in one clip.SCENE # 7



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