Down And Dirty: Leo Forte & Brian Davilla

Rating: 5.0

Featuring: Brian Davilla, Leo Forte


On a balcony overlooking San Francisco, shaved-headed Leo Forte and Brian Davilla kiss. Leo whips out Brian’s massive meat, unleashing a sensual suck that is a beauty to behold. The bearded sucker barely comes up for air, his lips locked around Brian’s thick shaft. Massive spit gobs connect his mouth and the cock, a stream of spit sliding down Brian’s balls and shaft. “Fuck yeah,” whispers Brian as he gets worshipped, soon sucking Leo back. Leo offers his ass as they head inside a mirrored room, Brian eating it up as Leo shows off his boner. Brian’s dangling meat works its way inside Leo’s hole as the bottom stays stiff. Brian wraps his arm around Leo, then fucks him harder as the bottom’s cock bounces. Leo sits on the top, who watches the moaning bottom bounce on him in the mirror. Leo lets out a gusher, cum flying in front of his face. While watching Brian stoke, the bottom impressively lets out another load before the top follows suit.

Scene Details

Released: 01/22/2013

Movie Title: Down and Dirty

Director: Brian Mills

Starring: Brian Davilla, Leo Forte

Categories: Anal Sex, Brian Mills, HD-720p, Models, Muscles, Oral Sex, Rimming, Scenes, TitanMen

Length: 37:45

Scenes from Down and Dirty

Down And Dirty: Brian Mills Farewell
Jesse Jackman
Released: 01/22/2013 | Length: 02:25
Down And Dirty: Cumshots
Adam Russo, Brad Kalvo, Brian Davilla, Jesse Jackman, Leo Forte, Stany Falcone
Released: 01/22/2013 | Length: 01:05
Down And Dirty: Leo Forte & Brian Davilla
Brian Davilla, Leo Forte
Released: 01/22/2013 | Length: 37:45
Down And Dirty: Stany Falcone & Brad Kalvo
Brad Kalvo, Stany Falcone
Released: 01/15/2013 | Length: 36:05
Down And Dirty: Jesse Jackman & Adam Russo
Adam Russo, Jesse Jackman
Released: 01/08/2013 | Length: 36:35
Down And Dirty: Preview
Adam Russo, Brad Kalvo, Brian Davilla, Jesse Jackman, Leo Forte, Stany Falcone
Released: 01/08/2013 | Length: 13:25


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