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    • Movie: Invasive Procedures
    • Studio: Rough
    • Director: Paul Wilde
    • Updated: 2011-12-01
    • Length: 28:59
    • Preview Description:

    • Tibor pulls on a pair of black latex gloves, and carefully hooks his ball sack up to an IV drip, then leans back as saline slowly swells his sack, watching Dirk swab Ethan's cock clean before tearing open a pouch of sterile steel sounds. "You ready?" Dirk asks Ethan, and the boy nods nervously, his eyes squeezed shut as Dirk slowly pushes a series of steel rods into Ethan's pisshole, tapping his finger against each steel tube to make the boy gasp in pleasure. Ethan takes long slow breaths, letting Dirk call the shots as his cock grows hard around the steel tubes. Tibor's ballsack slowly swells to the size of a grapefruit, and
      after detaching himself from the drip he's pushed onto his back by Ethan, who rims Tibor's hole, his nose pressed against the man's swollen scrotum. Dirk face-fucks Tibor before pushing his hard cock into the man's hole, Tibor's sack vibrating between Dirk's pounding and his own cockstrokes. Dirk pulls out so he and Ethan can take turns fisting
      Tibor, the pair smacking the stud's hole and pushing in up to the meat of their forearms until Tibor blows his load. Both Dirk and Ethan shoot all over Tibor, his sack still red and swollen.

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