Cut To The Chase:dirk Caber, J.d. Phoenix & Dolan Wolf

Rating: 5.0

Featuring: Dirk Caber, Dolan Wolf, JD Phoenix


J.D. Phoenix stays after class to talk with instructor Dolan Wolf. Seems his night job limits his study time: It’s “an online thing. You pay a fee, and I turn on my camera.” Dolan licks his lips as J.D. takes out his cock, the two staring at each other as they stroke. J.D. soon sucks on Dolan’s uncut piece. Fellow professor Dirk Caber smiles as he catches them, taking out his throbber as he watches. J.D. takes turns sucking them, Dolan wrapping his arm around Dirk. Dolan gets his meat worshipped by both studs, Dirk then getting his shaft slurped on both sides. The bearded buds munch J.D.’s hole, Dolan soon fucking the bottom—his head cradled in Dirk’s chest. Dirk then gets a crack as J.D.’s ass, fucking him fast before the bottom sits his smooth, sweaty ass down on him. Dirk then fucks Dolan, whose mouth gets filled by J.D. “This one’s for you, kid!” exclaims Dirk, his pecs quivering as he squirts on Dolan’s hairy ass. J.D. hits his own smooth chest when he squirts, Dirk then rubbing Dolan’s nips (“C’mon, teach!”) to help him release.

Scene Details

Released: 12/03/2014

Movie Title: Cut to the Chase

Director: Joe Gage

Starring: Dirk Caber, Dolan Wolf, JD Phoenix

Categories: 3-Way/Spit Roasting, Anal Sex, Daddies, Hairy, HD-720p, Joe Gage, Oral Sex, Rimming, Scenes, TitanMen

Length: 13:24

Scenes from Cut to the Chase

Cut To The Chase:dirk Caber, J.d. Phoenix & Dolan Wolf
Dirk Caber, Dolan Wolf, JD Phoenix
Released: 12/03/2014 | Length: 13:24
Cut To The Chase:anthony London & Mike Tanner
Anthony London, Mike Tanner
Released: 11/26/2014 | Length: 13:25
Cut To The Chase: Dario Beck & Jed Athens
Dario Beck, Jed Athens
Released: 11/19/2014 | Length: 12:00
Cut To The Chase: Preview
Anthony London, Dario Beck, Dirk Caber, Dolan Wolf, JD Phoenix, Jed Athens, Mike Tanner
Released: 11/19/2014 | Length: 13:40


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