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    • Movie: Kennel Master
    • Studio: Rough
    • Director: Paul Wilde
    • Updated: 2011-12-01
    • Length: 21:42
    • Preview Description:

    • Dark and handsome Sami Damo soon has smooth muscle man Tristan Phoenix on the floor, fingering his bubble ass before hooding him in leather. After more fingering, Sami slides a thick silver bullet butt plug into Tristan’s hole. Soon on his knees, Tristan’s mouth is freed but quickly
      filled with a treat—Sami’s steel slab. The master delivers a heated face fuck before pissing on his doggie’s chest, then slides his cock in again as he holds on to Tristan’s head. After unplugging the bottom’s hole, Sami shoves his dick inside for an intense doggie fuck that gets harder and faster with each thrust. A heated low shot captures the action, from Tristan’s twitching boner to Sami’s expressions of pleasure. The bottom’s dick bounces as he gets rammed, his face soon unmasked as he gets fucked on his back. Sami’s abs tighten as he rams away, the top soon pissing on Tristan again before the two squirt—including a rocket from Sami that flies on and over Tristan’s pec, the top then rubbing the spooge onto the bottom and using his own load as lube.

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