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    • Movie: Shock Treatment
    • Studio: Rough
    • Director: Paul Wilde
    • Updated: 2011-12-01
    • Length: 32:42
    • Preview Description:

    • Now eager and ready to submit, Derek da Silva is bound to the bondage table, his rock-hard cock throbbing as it awaits Tony Buff’s attention. Tony proves to be a master of edge play, alternating deep sucks and strokes of Derek’s cock with some slaps to his ballsac—a tormenting tease that continues throughout the scene. Derek clenches his muscles tight as his balls and stomach get abused, and he starts to moan and scream even louder when Tony uses a stun gun on his balls. Tony jacks his own big meat as he delivers the punishment, smiling as he tortures his sub: “You know you’re my favorite boy to torture?” Tony then wraps copper wire around Derek’s balls and wires a crank generator to them, slowing delivering high voltage electric shocks that get Derek grunting, shaking and screaming to near-animalistic proportions. Derek gets his precum fed to him before Tony finally strokes off the bound hunk, who continues to shout in pleasure and pain as waves of electric current course through his body. Derek slurps his own cum off of his tormentor’s fingers before getting another dose of high voltage. Tony then shoots his own load all over Derek, whose hard cock is still throbbing in a hot final shot.

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