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    • Movie: Playbook
    • Studio: TitanMen
    • Director: Brian Mills
    • Updated: 2011-12-02
    • Length: 35:58
    • Preview Description:

    • Cute Kameron Scott distracts himself at work with the radio broadcast of a Titans basketball game—but star player Diesel Washington misses the final shot, costing his team the win. The fan soon finds the dejected athlete practicing outside, where they engage in some one-on-one play before Diesel has other ideas: “Come on and hang out with me.” Eager to please, the shorter, slimmer Kameron follows his crush to the team’s supply room—where he quickly shoves a surprised Diesel against the shelves and drops to his knees, planting his face in the star’s jock. Kameron gets to work slurping on Diesel’s massive meat, his deep-throating skills eliciting moans from the alpha top: “There it is! Aww man!” Diesel whips his cock on the fan’s face, cradling the pleaser’s head while fucking his mouth. Diesel then proves he can suck with the best of them, dropping down to munch on Kameron’s hard pole. Diesel rubs his bud’s chest, gurgling as spit drips down his chin. He then decides he wants another blowjob, and Kameron drops to his knees again before the two squirt. Diesel then takes control again, propping Kameron up against a table, slapping his ass before feasting on the moaning bottom’s hole (“Like that tongue?!”). Diesel then orders Kameron to sit down on his cock, fucking him from behind as he calmly directs his bottom into position. Diesel delivers a deep, hard fuck, his hands roaming on Kameron’s back and chest. Then the top shows off his amazing strength and agility, picking Kameron up mid-fuck and sliding to the middle of the floor. Kameron locks his legs around Diesel’s, and the top then holds on to the bottom’s wrists to pound him from behind in a mid-air fuck (easily earning a 10.0 on the Olympic gymnastics fuck scale). Diesel then has Kameron lay on a cooler, propping up his back with a basketball and popcorn bag in an impressive balancing act. Diesel pounds away, causing the cooler to move across the floor; Kameron shoots a hot wad, and Diesel follows suit with a huge stream that lands right down the middle of Kameron’s chest and stomach.

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