Hard Up: Devin Adams & Tristan Jaxx

Rating: 4.0

Featuring: Devin Adams, Tristan Jaxx


Bursting through his tank top, Tristan Jaxx sets his sights on cute passerby Devin Adams -- who follows his admirer into an empty building. The two lock lips, Devin's tongue roaming Tristan's pit. Devin unzips the hung stud, working up the huge bulge in his briefs. Tristan's uncut beast grazes Devin's jeans before getting devoured, spit strands clinging between his shaft and Devin's wet face. The breathless sucker looks up at the smiling Tristan: "Choke on that!" After fucking Devin's mouth, Tristan tightly wraps his juicy lips around the cutie's stiff shaft -- then strokes their cocks together as they stare at each other. Tristan eats up Devin's hole, fingering him before sliding his huge cock inside. The top starts slow before picking up the pace. "There you go!" whispers the bottom as Tristan hits the spot, his pecs and abs clenching. Devin sits down on the top, his boner bouncing as he slides up and down. Devin gets on his back and rubs Tristan's bod as he gets fucked some more -- Tristan's curved cock sliding all the way inside. "Make me blow!" begs Devin, who soon releases his load before Tristan fires a hot multi-gusher that flies over Devin's bod.

Scene Details

Released: 03/01/2012

Movie Title: Hard Up

Director: Brian Mills

Starring: Devin Adams, Tristan Jaxx

Categories: Anal Sex, Big Dicks, Brian Mills, HD-720p, Oral Sex, Rimming, Scenes, TitanMen, Uncut Dicks

Length: 42:34

Scenes from Hard Up

Hard Up: Cum Shots
Christopher Daniels, Devin Adams, Johnny Hazzard, Spencer Reed, Tristan Jaxx
Released: 02/01/2012
Hard Up: Devin Adams & Tristan Jaxx
Devin Adams, Tristan Jaxx
Released: 03/01/2012 | Length: 42:34
Hard Up: Carsten Andersson & Spencer Reed
Spencer Reed
Released: 03/19/2012 | Length: 38:09
Hard Up: Christopher Daniels & Johnny Hazzard
Christopher Daniels, Johnny Hazzard
Released: 02/01/2012 | Length: 38:44
Hard Up: Preview
Christopher Daniels, Devin Adams, Johnny Hazzard, Spencer Reed, Tristan Jaxx
Released: 02/01/2012 | Length: 01:48


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