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    • Movie: RX
    • Studio: TitanMen
    • Director:
    • Updated: 2012-02-01
    • Length: 32:19
    • Preview Description:

    • In RX, we meet for the first time TitanMen’s new exclusive, Marcos David. Seems Marcos has a bit of a problem -- the Latin stud's rock-hard, uncut cock just won’t go down! Luckily, his attending physician, stacked hottie Jason Hawke will! Hawke tries examining Marcos' massive meat with all the tools of the trade: a stethoscope, a reflex hammer -- he even cuffs Marcos’ shiny, pulsing rod in a sphygmomanometer and checks its pressure! With no instruments left with which to tinker -- besides his own rock hard man meat -- the horny doctor decides to give Marcos a vigorous anal probing – all in the interest in science, of course. But even after a furious flip-flop fuck and a double load-blow, Marcos' monster cock remains determined, tall and rigid! What’s UP doc? Marcos’ cock!

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