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    • Movie: Off Duty
    • Studio: TitanMenFresh
    • Director: Richie Oldmann
    • Updated: 2012-05-14
    • Length: 49:05
    • Preview Description:

    • At the base of a stairwell, Andy Janecek is soon joined by dark-haired Stephen Bibinek and blond
      John Paul. The duo wastes no time taking off Andy’s shirt and feasting on his nipples and hairy
      chest. Soon naked, the trio’s uncut cocks are engaged in heated swordplay. Stephen’s beast
      catches the attention of his buds as it frantically bounces on its own, hitting Andy’s meat. Stephen
      drops down to suck as John’s boner grinds on Andy’s leg. John then takes his turn, putting both
      cocks into his mouth and working up a spit-soaked mess that coats Andy’s leg hair and drips
      down (in multiple strands!) from Stephen’s pole. Andy then gets on his knees, sucking back and
      forth as a hot bird’s-eye shot captures the action—including a massive wad of spit that John
      dumps on his own cock. The two fire their loads on Andy, who smiles as he rubs the cum into his
      hairy chest before squirting. Moving into the basement, John eats Andy before fucking him,
      mounting the table to plow him doggie style. The top’s balls bounce as he frantically fucks the
      bottom—who feasts on Stephen’s cock. Soon on his back, Andy gets plowed by Stephen—whose
      giant shaft is hugged by the bottom’s long, wet ass hairs. John gets one last fuck in before
      coming twice (!) on Andy, who also licks Stephen’s nuts—another load soon coating his chest.

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