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    • Movie: Hot Lunch
    • Studio: TitanMenFresh
    • Director: Richie Oldmann
    • Updated: 2012-01-01
    • Length: 40:37
    • Preview Description:

    • Cute, dark-haired Martin Hod delivers a bushel of fresh vegetables to tall and sexy Otto
      Roberts, and in no time the hot and horny guys have stripped each other naked,
      making out and sucking on and licking each other’s tits. Once Martin’s got Otto out of
      his chef’s uniform, he hungrily swallows his cock, burying his face in Otto’s pubes and
      gagging on his dick. Cute Alex Manchini’s been watching the guys go at it, and gets so
      horned up he decides to quit cooking and join in the fun. There’s always room for three
      on the menu, so Martin simultaneously swallows both Alex’s and Otto’s dicks while
      Alex and Otto kiss. Alex returns the favor and gobbles down Martin and Otto’s cocks,
      spit-lubing their dicks with his tight mouth. Alex and Otto ultimately send their wads of
      cum shooting all over Martin’s smooth chest.
      Alex and Otto bend Martin in half over the kitchen counter, and Martin sucks Alex’s
      cock while Otto tongues and fingers Martin’s juicy ass, hocking plenty of spit up his
      fuck chute to get it wet and ready for the ass pounding he’s going to dish out. Alex
      lends a helping hand, pulling Martin’s ass cheeks apart while Otto fingers Martin’s pink
      fuckhole. Otto slips a rubber on over his hard dick and eases his cock up Martin’s tight
      ass, cracking him open while Martin gags on Alex’s stiff cock. Alex rolls Martin over
      onto his back, pulls a condom on, throws Martin’s legs over his shoulders and pounds
      his ass hard while Otto shoves his cock down Martin’s throat. Otto lies on his back and
      the cock-hungry Martin straddles him and rides up and down his long pole. Otto
      arches his back and slams deep into Martin’s hard, round ass while Alex stands over
      him and feeds him his hefty dick. Finally, Otto yanks his dick out of Martin’s tight ass,
      and Martin and Alex jerk off together until they shoot their loads all over Otto’s chest
      and taut stomach while Otto dumps his jizz into the mix, spraying his load all over his
      own lean, smooth torso.

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