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    • Movie: Hot Lunch
    • Studio: TitanMenFresh
    • Director: Richie Oldmann
    • Updated: 2012-01-01
    • Length: 32:56
    • Preview Description:

    • Felix Slovacek, Richie Rich and Georgio Black are busy cooking up a delicious lunch in
      the cafeteria kitchen. Soon enough, the heats get to them, and the horny chefs strip
      each other out of their uniforms, showing off their ripped, young bodies. Felix and
      Richie take turns swallowing Georgio’s huge, thick dick, with Felix sucking and licking
      his balls while Richie hungrily deep throats the meaty shaft. Felix and Richie slide their
      tongues together up and down Georgio’s stiff rod, teasingly pulling his foreskin back
      and forth over his sensitive cockhead. Georgio sits on top of the counter and Felix and
      Richie take turns deepthroating his engorged cock and massaging his tight, muscled
      body. Georgio soon shoots his load, dumping a heaping helping of jizz all over Felix’s
      and Richie’s hard pecs.
      Georgio bends over the counter and throws a leg up so Richie can drive his tongue
      deep into his tasty ass while Georgio sucks Felix’s thick cock. Richie slides on a rubber
      and shoves his cock deep up Georgio’s fuckhole while Felix shoves his dick down
      Georgio’s hot throat. Georgio lies on his back with his legs up in the air with his ass
      hanging over the edge of the counter while Richie bangs his butt, and Felix shoves his
      cock down his throat and massages his hot, lean body. Richie churns his dick deep
      into Georgio’s guts, pushing in and pulling out and making Georgio groan and grimace
      in ecstasy. Felix and Richie switch off and Felix takes a turn pounding Georgio’s ass
      while Richie face fucks him.
      Felix lies back on the counter top and Georgio impales himself on his dick while Richie
      reaches around and jerks on Georgio’s fat cock. After all this fucking and sucking,
      Georgio and Richie jack their cocks until they spray a bucket of spunk all over Felix’s
      thick shoulders and chest while Felix sends an explosion of cum splattering all over his
      tight six-pack.

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