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    • Movie: Campus Pizza
    • Studio: TitanMen
    • Director:
    • Updated: 2012-01-01
    • Length: 46:24
    • Preview Description:

    • It’s Dean’s last stop of the night, and his last chance to finally get a slice of the
      action himself. A couple of the guys on campus have been doing a weekly game
      of Texas Hold ‘Em since the beginning of the semester and what’s poker
      without a couple of pizzas? Tonight, it’s the usual players: Drop-dead handsome
      TitanMen Exclusive Damien Crosse (H2O, Breathless), nubile and lustful Mason
      Wyler (The Road to Redneck Hollow), muscular bad-ass new Titan Man Justin
      Riddick, and rugged David Korben (Folsom Leather). They offer Dean a seat at
      their table but not before the scheming Mason changes up the rules on him:
      each time someone loses a hand, they’ve got to strip an article of clothing, and,
      if they get down to their shorts, “its full frontal, buddy.”
      Poor Dean must have the worst luck in the world because he’s down to his
      shorts after just a couple of hands, and Mason is all too eager to yank his
      boxers clear down to his ankles (those are the rules, after all). Mason’s clothes
      are the next to go, and he’s proud to show off his smooth, swimmer’s physique
      and oversized, uncut dick to the guys (again, those are the rules). One-by-one
      they all loose their clothes and one-by-one their cocks slowly fill with blood and
      stiffen. By now, no one can concentrate on the game and (after taking a break
      for a pizza, of course) their once-serious game quickly devolves into a five-man
      fuck-and-suck fest.
      David’s dropped to his knees and started to inhale Damien’s gorgeous cock and
      low-hanging balls while across the card table, Mason begins to suck off Dean.
      As Dean returns the favor by effortlessly swallowing every last inch of Mason’s
      huge cock, Justin splays out on the bed and jerks a thick load out of himself
      while spying on the action from across the room. Dean and Damien are the next
      to shoot with two more big cum shots.
      Then it’s time for another slice of pizza before the ass eating begins; Damien
      dives into Mason’s puckering pink hole while Dean goes to town on David’s
      hairy hole. Justin finally joins in on the action, sliding his cock into lucky Mason’s
      mouth, who’s now getting it in both ends. Mason loosens up Dean’s ass with a
      lubed-up steel rod and then Damien tries it on Mason, who moans in pure
      ecstasy as Damien probes deeper and deeper.
      The ass fucking begins on the bed with Dean and Mason bent over taking Justin
      and Damien’s unforgiving cocks. In one of the most intense sequences of the
      whole movie, Damien forcefully drill-fucks Mason, building up a faster and faster
      rhythm, as Mason cries louder with each ass-slapping pump of his cock. Just
      when it seems as if it isn’t humanly possible to fuck harder, David greedily
      pushes Mason off Damien’s cock and Damien proceeds to give it to him so
      hard, it’s, well, scary.
      All guys have found their way onto the bed and the cadence of the five-man
      fuck fest continues to build to a frenzied pace as they swap positions, each
      taking turns fucking, sucking and savoring each other’s intense, masculine
      sexual energy. Standing shoulder-to-shoulder on their knees, the men erupt in
      an explosive final orgasm, bringing the finale to a cum-and-sweat-drenched

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