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    • Movie: Men's Room 2: Gale Force
    • Studio: TitanMen
    • Director:
    • Updated: 2012-02-01
    • Length: 66:54
    • Preview Description:

    • Shaved-headed soldier Darren Stone grimaces. ”Smells like sperm in here.” Sheriff Mattox
      smiles like the cat that ate the cream, and says, “I wouldn’t be at all surprised.” Soldier Paris
      takes a leak, working the first foreskin we’ve seen all day over the glistening head of his cock.
      Stone works his overhang, too, and snakes his tongue into Paris’. Mike Grant shows up to
      beat and suck the enlisted man-cock that Paris and Stone shove at him through the glory
      holes. Surrounded by cock, Grant explodes yet again, his manjuice hitting the wall over his
      head. A balls-to-the-wall orgy breaks out, and the soldiers get splayed and sprayed. Soldier
      Stone sits on Paris’ sturdy tool, and squats on Hengst, too, pounding all his weight on the
      prick ‘til it surrenders volleys of fuck juice. Mattox shoots on Stone’s buff blond butt, and
      Stone erupts like a cum volcano.

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