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    • Movie: Chapters
    • Studio: TitanMen
    • Director:
    • Updated: 2012-01-01
    • Length: 29:14
    • Preview Description:

    • Long, lean, and horny as hell, Ken Butler settles into his favorite leather couch for one of those
      take-your-time, push-all-the-right buttons jack-off sessions. Just like the rest of us, Ken’s got his
      favorite ‘visual aid’ – a book of steamy black and white photographs. Ken works that lengthy
      piece of his out of his shorts and teases the ring in his left tit, opening up the book, turning the
      pages until he reaches the first chapter.
      Jason Branch and Blake Harper are posing in Speedos in a photo shoot that’s too hot for
      either of them to stand still. With some slow kissing and tit chewing, those Speedos begin to
      get smaller and smaller as these two start swelling in just the right spots. Harper works his way
      from Branch’s lips to his chin, down to his impeccable, furry abs, nibbling and chewing all the
      way, cleaning his navel out with his tongue – it’s an unmistakable case of washboard worship.
      Things are heating up fast, and Harper is only too happy to climb back up and clean out
      Branch’s moist, deep pits for him. Harper peels off Branch’s sticky swimsuit and swallows that
      thick, meaty prick in one deep gulp. It truly is a shame that there’s no Olympic games category
      for male-to-male fellatio. Harper would easily bring home the gold for his artful performance on
      Branch’s impressive cock. Branch pulls Harper up under his ass and does his damnedest to
      wedge his tongue, furry chin and mouth into his own twitching hole. Branch rolls Harper over
      and teases his ass with his stiff tool, massaging it into his ass crack, rubbing the slimy head of
      his cock over Harper’s perineum. He throws on a safe and very, very slowly sinks his piece into
      Harper’s gorgeous, round butt. Branch gives Harper the works – long, deep strokes, followed
      by some furious ass-pounding. These guys are having sweaty, moaning, close-your-eyes-itfeels-
      so-goddamned-good sex. At the last minute, Branch pulls out of Harper’s ass, hops up
      onto his handsome goatee and pumps a load all over his buddy’s tight torso. Harper returns the
      favor, climbing onto Branch’s chest and tossing his own load all over that beautiful gut.
      Meanwhile, Ken Butler’s back on his couch, rubbing the sweat on his own tight gut, twisting his
      tits and stroking his dick. He’s turning pages again, and this time he runs across three hungry

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