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    • Movie: Triage
    • Studio: TitanMen
    • Director: Brian Mills
    • Updated: 2011-11-25
    • Length: 42:27
    • Preview Description:

    • Back in the exam room, Frank Philipp’s balls are itching. With the help of Marco
      Blaze, he sets up a saline drip and injects the tube into the fleshy base of his balls.
      Marco watches, playing with his foreskin and showing off his massive tool—which
      repeatedly throbs on its own while his balls twitch in excitement. Frank’s sac soon
      reaches melon-like proportions, the skin stretched to the limit. Rick van Sant joins the
      fun, taking part in a side-by-side steel rod urethra fuck with Frank. The two get the
      sounds to disappear, and Frank’s rod repeatedly pops up before he slides in back
      down in an impressive display. His balls still swollen, Frank soon uses two sounds at
      once in a hot double pee-hole penetration. Rick then gets on his back and opens up
      his hole for a back-and-forth fisting session. Marco and Frank take turns sliding their
      fists in and out of Rick’s hungry hole, the bottom jacking his big boner as he gets
      fucked. Rick gets off the table and crouches down for more, with Frank’s hairy
      forearm getting a workout. Rick fires off his load as he gets fisted, with Frank and
      Marco dumping their cum on him.

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