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    • Updated: 2011-12-01
    • Length: 36:05
    • Preview Description:

    • Two buddies—lean Max Fonda and ripped Mark Zebro—are having some drinks in the
      inn’s lounge. When the waiter, cute Simon Dusek, drops off their drinks, Mark grabs him
      and slips his tongue down his throat as he pulls Simon’s clothes off. Max gets turned on
      watching the two of them go at it and starts jerking and stroking his fat cock. Simon can
      barely get Mark’s huge shaft in his mouth, gagging and choking on it while Max feeds
      his own huge rod to Mark. Mark and Max jerk off together, drenching Simon’s tight chest
      with two huge wads of spunk while Simon manhandles his own cock until he blasts a
      massive load all over the floor.
      The guys find their way to a huge room with a fireplace, where they get right back to the
      action. Simon bends over and sucks Mark’s cock while Max tongues and fingers
      Simon’s hungry hole. Once Max has got Simon’s asshole slicked up and ready, he slips
      on a condom and slams his cock home while Simon jerks his own thick dick and gags
      and chokes on Mark’s member. Mark and Max switch off, and Mark pulls a rubber on
      and splits Simon’s ass in two while Simon sucks down Max’s huge cock all the way to
      the base.
      Simon lies on his side as Max spears his tight ass again; Max’s deep thrusts make
      Simon splatter the rug with cum while Mark shoots his own load all over Simon’s chest.
      Finally, Max pulls out of Simon’s tight ass and blasts his load all over Simon’s drained

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