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    • Movie: Spark Plug
    • Studio: TitanMenFresh
    • Director: Richie Oldmann
    • Updated: 2011-12-01
    • Length: 51:58
    • Preview Description:

    • Luke Taylor, Valentin Skala, and David White are doing some necessary repairs on a bright red compact car. David wanders off on an errand, and Valentin and Luke take advantage of their new-found privacy by making out. Luke helps Valentin out of his overalls and helps himself to a mouthful of Valentin's boner. David reappears and watches from the sidelines, stroking his hard cock through his overalls. He decides to
      join the fun; all three guys finish stripping out of their overalls with cockhound Luke diving back and forth between Valentin and David, slobbering on their dicks while
      they make out, tweak each other’s nips and massage each other’s hard pecs. Luke
      sits on the car’s hood while Valentin and David share his fat, juiced-up cock and
      balls. David gets on his knees so Valentin and Luke can facefuck him; they stroke
      their cocks and cover David’s chest with two giant wads of hot spunk while David
      jerks off and splatters himself with ropes of his own hot cream.
      The three guys wander off to another part of the garage, sucking face and pulling on
      each other’s cocks as they go. David lies on the floor while Luke tongues his tight
      hole and Valentin stuffs his face with dick. Luke lies back on some machinery with his
      muscular legs splayed while David bastes his butthole with his tongue and Valentin
      feeds him cock. David reaches into a toolbox, finds a conveniently-placed black dildo,
      greases it up and crams it into Luke’s asschute. After opening him up with the dildo,
      David slips on a rubber and fucks Luke while Luke, groaning and moaning in
      pleasure, wraps his lips around and chokes on Valentin’s dick. David pulls out and
      lies back on some tires; Luke then slides on a rubber and drives his cock into David
      while Valentin mounts Luke from behind. Valentin and Luke spray their sperm all over
      David’s chest while David jacks his cock and drenches himself with a big blast of

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