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    • Movie: Men's Room
    • Studio: TitanMen
    • Director: Joe Gage
    • Updated: 2011-11-01
    • Length: 00:22
    • Preview Description:

    • A suburban Dad, Lex Kyler, stumbles in the mens room to find security guard, Alex Leon, deep throating youthful backpacker Marc Sterling’s gigantic cock right out in public. Giving in to his forbidden desire, Kyler hesitantly pulls his hardened cock out of his dingy Dockers and begins to stroke. Soon, he’s swallowed up into the teaming miasma of slobbering mouths and flying fists, and in the scene’s unbelievable climax, Danny Vox lounges and squirms in ecstacy before the urinal trough, becoming a veritable piss fountain as the five other mens room inhabitants shower him in steamy streams of gold.

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