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    • Movie: Intuition
    • Studio: TitanMen
    • Director: Brian Mills
    • Updated: 2011-12-05
    • Length: 00:22
    • Preview Description:

    • In front of lush greenery, dark and handsome Enzo Rimenez is flanked by blond Casey Daniels and scruffy-haired Marten Scholz. As Casey kisses Enzo, Marten buries his face in Enzo's groin -- soon slurping on the stud's banana-arched dick as his own uncut beast throbs. Marten works his way to Casey's cock, a long and thick slab aching for attention. Enzo then drops to his knees, going back and forth as the two kiss above. The moaning stud shows off his skill, deep-throating a breathless. The three kiss and stroke, a drop of Casey's cum hitting Marten's bush as they squirt. Casey sucks them again before sitting down on Enzo's cock, his ass tightening up. The top fucks Casey from behind, the bottom's mouth busy with Marten's ass and cock. Casey sits down on Marten, a hot close-up catching the penetration. Marten then fucks him from behind, the deep and slow thrusts eliciting loud moans. Enzo gets another crack at the bottom's ass, the two tops soon squirting on him before Casey gets a kiss while stroking out his second load.

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